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October 5, 2010

Alright, gentlemen, shall we begin 1965?


I’m a huge Mad Men fan, and it goes far beyond Betty Draper’s costumes. I’m not really into following lots of TV series, even the hyped ones (never saw a single Lost episode in my life), but ever since watching Mad Men‘s pilot, I wanted to see the next episode and the next one and the next one… Of course I don’t have the required patience to wait for them to be broadcasted on danish TV (who the hell does?!?), so…. I’m currently “already” watching season 4. We have seen a few hints of slight change in the past season (remember one of Don’s mistresses’ beatnik friends?), but the real 1960’s has finally begun, and don’t you just love the signs? Of course change comes slowly, and a considerable part of the characters still live in the errr…. 1950’s. Pete Campbell, for instance. I loved that scene when he, in all his future daddy-to-be glory is making business with possibly equally respectable family men whereas Peggy is leaving for lunch and fun with her artsy pals. And then he notices her gaze, she smiles, and it’s such an enigmatic smile…

Peggy is a chapter apart. Like all major female characters in the show, she’s particularly complex. A feminist, indeed, ahead of her time as well, and who would have said so? (Remember her suggesting you know what to Don in her first week at work as a plain secretary?) Peggy is capable of abandoning her newborn in the name of ambition (what else, then? she even knew she could have had Pete if she wanted), of sleeping with a much older man for pure lust, but then she fakes a so-called virginity to her fiance… (I don’t think I actually understood why). It’s also interesting to see her swinging between 3 worlds: her job as a copywriter at the agency, her family, her friends… The latter makes her look more conservative than she actually thinks she is, although that moment she said yes, please to a joint was epic. She clearly had a catholic upbringing, which may explain why she still acts a certain way sometimes. And why she can tolerate certain things at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, that despite its modern makeup has A LOT to change. Only the thirst for money makes those Ad men sound progressive. Or not even that. Roger Sterling, really? No business with the yellow people? Because of World War II?!?

Characters such as Peggy have started a silent revolution. Of course the real revolution will begin a few years from now, when Sally Draper is a teen. I don’t think the show will last this long (I wish!), but I smile even now by imagining Sally rebelling against that terrible mother of hers, and taking part in political actions of her time. As for now, Peggy should dump that boring boyfriend of hers and have a lesbian affair with that pretentious photographer who doesn’t wear makeup and probably don’t even shave her armpits instead. Oh, and I miss Sal! He deserves to come back to the show, this time as a proud gay man. Let the real 1960’s begin.

P.S.: This song reminds me of Peggy ^.^