Anthony, bullied at school
Get your own back now you are cool
Or are you scared bunking off though you’re a toff?
It’s all gone wrong again, you’ve got Double Maths. 

But the teacher’s got no control
The boys all run riot
“You will stay quiet or you will die.”

Tony, at the back of the gym
Smoke another one, your chances are slim,
‘Cause here they come again
And they got you on the ground.
Tasting blood again;
At least it’s your own.

10 Comments to “Oskar.”

  1. >This was a fantastic movie.

  2. >I have watched this movie 5 times in one week because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie

  3. >I adore this movie, and absolutely hate that they're doing a remake!

  4. >such a great song. Have to see the film!

  5. >I NEED to see this movie. Everybody is all raves.

  6. >this movie was AWESOME, something really different, and i loooved it.

  7. >best film I've seen this year

  8. >I have not seen this. MUST WATCH NOW. -meream

  9. >I love this movie. I bought it online before seeing it because I could just tell it was going to be great. :)The book is also amazing, but its one of those strange things that should be read AFTER seeing the movie first. The book adds depth to the characters and a little more the story when the movie is perfect the way it is. (Must note its not the best translation, but the story itself makes up for the bad grammar.)

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