“It was to be two and a half weeks of travelling before the Dauphine was officially handed over to France. Marie Antoinette would in effect cross the whole of central Europe in her passage from Vienna to Versailles. She spent a great deal of this time cooped up in her velvet-and-gold carriage; sometimes the day’s journey would last over nine hours. Essentially she was a royal package, sealed with the double-headed eagle of the Habsburgs and the fleur-de-lys of the Bourbons.”  (Antonia Fraser, Marie Antoinette)

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  1. >I love the photos you chose, kirsten has such great facial expressions

  2. >Romeika, toda vez que vejo algo da Sofia Coppola me lembro de você. 🙂 Para mim, "Maria Antonieta" é a obra máxima dela como diretora e roteirista!

  3. >LOVE IT-cmacheck out my blog @cosmicaroline.blogspot.com

  4. >i think travelling 9 hours in an airplane is tiring! being in a carriage for so long must have been awful.but the photos are beautiful. i especially like the one where kirsten appears to be blowing her breath on the window- it's something i can relate to. haha.

  5. >Imagina, viajar por tanto tempo numa carrocinha…adorei esta cena (e claro, o filme inteiro), 'stills' lindos, Romeika! :)xx

  6. >she is so ethereal. lovely.

  7. >This is one of my favourite visions from the movie. I love that Carriage! Gorgeous stills.

  8. >Ah this movie is utter brilliance. these stills are excellent!

  9. >Tem como não amar esse filme?

  10. >9 hours??? I'd have died in boredome. -meream

  11. >I was watching the film last week to get a little inspiration for my Halloween costume and I was thinking about that exact thing – not just that the journey was long but it had to be SO bumpy! how could they sleep?!It's really incredible thinking about these things compared to our perspective of "travel".

  12. >I love this movie. Coppola is an extreme filmaker, and captures women perfectly with both camera and writing (and songs, of course!).

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