Mélanie Laurent is a basterd.

When we first see her, she’s a teenage girl hiding like a rat, trying not to breath while listening to a nervous conversation. She then escapes leaving her murdered family behind, face and body covered by mud and tears. Four years later she has a new name and owns a movie theater, pretty much dressed as a boy, but so effortless sexy, she goes on with her life. One single night she leaves the newsboy cap for a birdcage hat, only the cigarette remains, inseparable, as the memories she carried within herself during these years, waiting for one day, for the perfect moment, waiting for vengeance.

11 Comments to “Mélanie Laurent is a basterd.”

  1. >Romeika, estou apaixonado por Mélanie Laurent!Bjs!

  2. >i LOVED her wardrobe in this film. so chic.

  3. >Shosanna, para mim, é uma das personagens mais interessantes de "Bastardos Inglórios". Para mim, ela que carrega a chave da trama de todo o filme! A Melanie Laurent, além disso, é ótima atriz. Excelente performance!

  4. >she was incredible, wasn't she! This is making me want to see the film again! PS: the title of this post made me laugh 🙂

  5. >Que linda, TENHO que assistir este filme!!! :)Tenho um award/tag pra voce no meu blog ;)Bjs!CC

  6. >Her transformation in the movie had me transfixed to the screen. She was gorgeous.

  7. >Ainda não vi o filme, mas dizem que a presença da atriz é um dos aspectos mais marcantes. Ansioso!

  8. >absolutely one of my favorite movies of the year … and a strong women seeking the ultimate revenge, xx

  9. >I've never seen the film! I can't believe I have not seen it. -meream

  10. >I haven't seen the movie but I would like to.

  11. >i absolutely loved her character and your description.

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