>Guess the picture – part 3


Different films, same actress. If you love her screen presence as much as I do, this is a piece of cake. Tip: These are Marilyn Monroe’s legs.


The Misfits (1961) and Some Like It Hot (1959).

11 Comments to “>Guess the picture – part 3”

  1. >My guess is Marylin – she's wonderful with great legs;)

  2. >audrey hepburn maybe? i have nooo idea.by the way, ive just finished reading mrs dalloway, as you're a woolf lover i wonder if you have read it.

  3. >Não faço a MÍNIMA ideia!

  4. >Dessa vez não faço a mínima idéia sobre quais são esses filmes, hehehe. Se ninguém acertar antes, aguardarei uma dica =P

  5. >Line, it's Marilyn, indeed:-)

  6. >Miss_Scarlett, I did, but it's been a while. I must read it all over again.

  7. >Tricky. Very tricky. Especially to someone who's never seen anything with Monroe. Shame on me.Ciao!

  8. >ooh marilyn, i have to admit that i havent seen that many films with her, thats on my to-do list. anyway, theres a new poll in my blog, step by and vote later and if you have any ideas for the next one you know you are welcome 😉

  9. >ugh! love the Marilyn! :0)

  10. >ive seen Some Like It Hot a millions times! its way funny! i often say lines to myself outloud in public! and people look at me funny but who cares! this movie really males me laugh!

  11. >elena-lu, it makes me laugh so much as well! Especially the Jack Lemmon scenes 😉 hehe

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