>cph pix day 5


Gigantic (2008) – A single 28-year old mattress salesman who has dreamt his entire life of adopting a chinese baby (Paul Dano, the only reason why I wanted to see this) and a I’m not sure what young woman (Zooey Deschanel, I like you better when you’re sort of modeling) fall in love. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but I couldn’t laugh much unlike most of the audience, although the John Goodman scenes (who plays Zooey’s odd dad) were almost entirely funny.

The Countess (2009) – directed and starred by Julie Delpy, this film’s first minutes presents us to its main character in a dynamic sequel of events from her childhood to her early 40s. When the actual story begins, we think we might know what kind of woman the hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory is, but the fact is, we have no idea. Deeply heartbroken after her young lover had left, she becomes sickly obsessed with her appearance, literally seeing wrinkles in her face while in fact she looks quite fine (like the anorexic victim who sees a fat figure in the mirror). “Time has no respect for beauty”, she says, until the day the blood of a virgin young woman appears to be the solution for her aging dilemma. Julie Delpy explores this bloody side of the countess’s life in nasty detailed pictures of cutting wrists, heads and mostly skin in general. I couldn’t finish my popcorn (well, I’m sensitive), but overall her acting and directing suit the story told quite well.

3 Comments to “>cph pix day 5”

  1. >i want to see both gigantic and 500 days of summer with z deschanel .. but i agree, she is really not that great of an actress. just super cute.

  2. >Quero ver "Gigantic" mais por causa do Dano e da Deschanel, ao passo que "The Countess" parece extremamente bonito pelo trailer.

  3. >Two movies I really want to see. Mostly because of the actors. Delpy & Dano are so cool. =DCiao!

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