>cph pix day 4 – the best so far


Coraline (2009) – Secret doorways in the history of Literature and general fiction almost always means great potential to a surreal adventure. Think Alice in Wonderland (ok, there wasn’t actually a door, but still..) and more recently Pan’s Labyrinth. Escaping from reality towards a magical world will always be connected with the innocence of children’s vivid imagination, with dreams and nightmares, which heads us to a dark territory, after all, behind the surface, fairy tales are creepier than we imagine them to be. “Tell me about it”, the 11-year-old Coraline would say. The loving mother she finds in the magical world turns out to be a monster that wants to sew buttons in her eyes! In order to return to the real world and save her real parents, she will need to complete a few tasks, but if she doesn’t succeed, she’ll be forever a prisioner inside a pink old mansion. Based on a children’s novel and directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas) in 3-D technology (which makes Coraline’s world even more alive, scary and tangible), Coraline is made for those of us who love Tim Burton films. So grab your 3-D glasses and bon voyage! ^.^

Mammoth (2009) – Director Lukas Moodysson himself (Show Me Love, Lilja 4-ever) was there yesterday to introduce his newest film, that besides being clearly more ambitious in budget therms by dividing the story in three locations, is nevertheless grounded, unlike some others in a similar situation – to give an example, Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu’s Babel. Ellen (Michelle Williams) and Leo (Gael García Bernal) form a rich new yorker couple, she’s a dedicated emergency surgeon doctor, he’s a successful business man, both immersed at their jobs and unable to spend quality time with their little girl, who is taken care by a filipino nanny who came to USA in order to make money enough to provide a better future to her two boys. When Leo travels to Thailand because of insignificant business purposes, he becomes deeply affected by the reality of many locals, more specifically of young prostitute women. A couple of events in Leo and Ellen’s lives will make them change their perception of their own world and work better as a family. Mammoth might feel like a critic against how the western world exploits the third world in the name of globalisation. It can feel really obvious in some episodes, and smooth and subtitle in others. But the criticism is always there, along with individual dramas easy to sympathise with.

13 Comments to “>cph pix day 4 – the best so far”

  1. >I really really can't wait for Coraline! I've been looking forward to it from the second I heard of it 🙂 I hope our local movie theatre will show it in 3D!

  2. >"Mammoth" me interessa mais pelo casal de protagonistas do que por qualquer outra coisa. Contudo, a trama também chama a atenção – geralmente gosto desses histórias estilo "Babel". "Coraline" já chegou por aqui e parece ser uma animação fantástica, mas ainda não tive a oportunidade de conferir…

  3. >I still haven't seen Coraline! I really should.Oh, and ps: I wanted to thank you for recommending Valentín – I watched it recently. such a lovely film!

  4. >Oh, thanks for sharing these. I have so many films on my Netflix queue that I want to see and I'll be adding these as well. Love Williams. And Burton's films.

  5. >i wanted to see coraline, but i thought i should read the book first. now i'm regretting not going when i had the chance!

  6. >"Coraline" é uma animação muito bem feita e que tem uma trama até legal, mas acho que o longa cansa em alguns momentos.E tenho curiosidade em ver "Mammoth".

  7. >Both movies sound amazing!:)

  8. >I am really intrigued; after reading your review on Mammoth. Would love to catch that if I could; it's just such a great story line!

  9. >assiti coraline em 3D e achei muito legal, o Tim Burton sempre faz filmes tão legais, o que eu mais gosto é de saber que é tudo feito a mão cada passo com bonecos

  10. >You are watching a ton of great movies! I've seen Coraline and really liked it. The tone, the creativity and the density of it all. Beautiful.Ciao!

  11. >I can't wait to see Coraline! I like the way you write your reviews!

  12. >a new film by Lukas Moodysson? ive just seen fucking amal and lilja 4ever, any other recommendations from him?

  13. >Miss_Scarlett, I've only seen these films you mentioned and "mammoth", but I'd love to see more of him.

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