>movies I’m looking forward to see


1. grey gardens, although it’s a TV film (isn’t it?) 2. an education 3. the young victoria 4. sunshine cleaning.

6 Comments to “>movies I’m looking forward to see”

  1. >i loved sunshine cleaning

  2. >"Grey Gardens" é uma obra feita para a TV, sim. E os quatro filmes que você citou também estão na minha agenda.

  3. >Oh, I do want to see these. I hadn't heard of 'Young Victoria.' I'm off to investigate now.

  4. >Nossa, estou super ansioso por esses filmes também! "Grey Gardens" já é um dos favoritos ao Emmy, enquanto "An Education" está na lista de vários predictors do Oscar. Os outros valem mais pela Emily Blunt 😉

  5. >i didnt know grey gardens was a tv film.. 😦 but i guess it will be online soon to download if so. im looking forward to see new york i love you.

  6. >Vinicius, young victoria soh pela emily blunt, mas sunshine cleaning pela amy adams tb:-)miss_scarlett, had no idea new york,i love you is out, but I've just checked, it's been ready a while ago. I wanna see it too!

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