>cph pix day 3 – not so great


When it comes to film festivals, I just wish I could guess which films are the very good ones and which films are the not so good ones, after my humble opinion, naturally. But unfortunately, it’s impossible to guess. I read synopses, watch trailers when these are available, and sometimes none of these, íf such films in question are: 1. directed by Wong Kar Wai, 2. starred by Isabelle Huppert and based on a Marguerite Duras novel and 3. starred by Michelle Williams, an actress I admire more and more. Ashes of Time Redux (Hong Kong, China, 1994) is supposed to be a different version from the original 1994 one, which I haven’t seen. After seeing it, I realize I’m not a Wong Kar Wai fan after all, but a In the Mood for Love (and more recently, Chungking Express) fan. I wasn’t really moved by the epic filmed in oversaturated colours, although the images were indeed stunning.
The Sea Wall (France, 2008) has an outstanding actress playing the leading character, a woman who struggles against bureaucrats and nature, in order to suceed as a rice farmer in french Indochina, 1931. For those of you familiar with The Lover, here’s a similar story told through the mother’s point of view. A few elements from The Lover are there: the rich chinaman, the girl (not wearing her famous hat, though), the big brother (although much softer), nevertheless there’s neither romance nor poetic lines/cinematography. It’s all about the economical and consequently healthy degradation of a middle-aged woman.
Wendy and Lucy (USA, 2008) is not a happier experience. It’s a story about Wendy (Michelle Williams), a penniless young woman and her female dog, Lucy, heading to Alaska. After her car breaks, she sees herself stucked in a small town, and shortly after, she loses her beloved dog, which was taken somewhere unknown while she almost got to prison by stealing dog food in a grocery shop. The movie is pretty much about Wendy looking for Lucy. She won’t take a step further without her dog, even if it means that she’ll be living as a homeless. Altough she meets one or two nice people, there are creeps out there, most of the time. We see everything through her own eyes, in a very sad and sometimes depressing picture. It doesn’t get any better. The movie finishes and leaves a lot of questions in the air. Why she became this, what’s so important in Alaska? Somehow, it’s more like a narrative flaw than a positive aspect. Luckily there’s Michelle Williams, who portrays the character with sensibility.

3 Comments to “>cph pix day 3 – not so great”

  1. >Isso mesmo.Queremos Moda Masculina de quanlidadee bom gosto.Tambem nas capas.=)1 abraçooooo

  2. >Nenhum desses filmes foi exibido por aqui ainda, mas estou bem curioso quanto a "Wendy and Lucy", especialmente pela elogiada atuação da Michelle Williams.

  3. >I really wanted to see Wendy & Lucy because of Michelle but now…hmm…I'm not so sure!

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