>cph pix day 2 – hilarious


Pussy Soup (Japan, 2008) – Taishou is a very cute cat destined to model in cat food commercials, just like his equally cute father. But that’s not the life he wants. Tired of being pressured, he runs away in search for independence. It won’t be an easy journey. He tries several jobs (including one as a surgeon!) and fails in every single one of them, until he’s saved by a noodle cooker, right before commiting suicide. After this episode Taishou’s life changes completely. He learns how to cook noodle soup and opens his own little business. The place is not a complete success, but after Taishou’s father opens a soup restaurant just around the corner, a big challenge will be launched. Taishou and his father will compete on who makes the most delicious soup on nationwide japanese TV. Who will win? Pussy Soup is another bizarre animal film directed by Minoru Kawasaki, a director I knew from the old danish film festival back in 2007, when I saw Executive Koala, a story about a koala accused of murdering his own (human) wife. What can I do, I love all this nonsense and I laugh out loud. ^.^

6 Comments to “>cph pix day 2 – hilarious”

  1. >hahaha! That looks completely insane, I'd love to watch it!

  2. >Romeika, também adoro esses filmes non-sense! E este parece ser bem legal!

  3. >Maja, you can watch "executive koala", one of his previous films on youtube (I linked it on the text):-)Kamila, eh otimo pra desligar o cerebro, entrar na brincadeira e da risada..:-) De uma olhada no link do texto quando puder e veja a primeira parte do "executive koala", depois me diga o q achou hehe

  4. >Haha! This looks cute & funny! :)xx

  5. >Noodle soup and hallo kitty – what could be better ?!I read about it in the programme and really wanted to see as well- but missed it. It seemed like one of the funniest films in what looked like a heavy programme to me on CPH PIX.

  6. >Nerd Girl, I couldn't think about anything funnier, no hehehe Oh, such a pity that you missed it, it was indeed very different from most of the films shown so far.

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