>cph pix day 1 – absolutely perfect*


My Darling of the Mountains (Japan, 2008) – Film art would be poorer and less beautiful without Japan. Director Katsuhito Ishii proves that in his remake of the 1938 japanese film The Masseurs and a Woman. An innocent and poetic film with a charismatic leading character, a blind masseur that falls in love with a mysterious woman from Tokyo. Funny in the manner of silent films, a bit old-fashioned and slow for today’s audiences, here’s a rewarding cinematic experience, if you’re the kind of person that appreciates the beauty from the simplest things, like the stillness of a home interior and little yellow flowers that grow by a river in the country side.

This is a film to watch when you’re feeling blue, when the weather turns cold and gray or maybe when you just wanna laugh until you can’t anymore. Rumba (France, Belgium, 2008) tells a very simple story, that almost lacks dialogues, after all, who needs words anyway, when there’s music and dance? Sometimes I wonder why movies aren’t more like Les Demoiselles de Rochefort these days, and surprisingly Rumba is the closest from the french musical I’ve seen in years. Similar use of saturated colours, costumes and scenario to celebrate not only love though, but optimism. A tragedy told as a comedy in the most refreshing way.

Sparrow (Hong Kong, 2008) – No one directs long slow motion scenes the way Johnny To does. And with umbrellas, in the rain. Mad Detective was a disappointment, but this time the Hong Kong director delivered a film piece as captivating as Exiled, although completely different.

*I’ll be only commenting the films I liked.

5 Comments to “>cph pix day 1 – absolutely perfect*”

  1. >Romeila, eu adoraria ler seus comentários sobre os filmes que você não gostou. 🙂 De qualquer forma, você me deixou curiosa para assistir ao filme japonês. Adorei a maneira como você o descreveu.Bom final de semana!

  2. >Dos filmes comentados, apenas "Rumba" já chegou por aqui (recentemente, inclusive), mas ainda não tive oportunidade de ver. Fiquei curioso quanto a esse "Sparrow" por causa do diretor…

  3. >wow you have so much knowledge about films! do you want to direct or anything of that sort?alicexinwonderland.blogspot.com

  4. >I just wrote a post on cold winter days making me feel glum! So maybe I will take your advice and watch Rumba!I've passed a blog award to you. Enjoy!

  5. >Kamila, mas nao sou critica de cinema hehe, na maioria das vezes odeio escrever sobre o q nao gostei. Aqui ficam soh as boas recomendacoes:-) Bom fds!Vinicius, "Rumba" eh maravilhoso, assista na primeira oportunidade q aparecer.Alice, I'd rather write scripts haha but it's just a distant dream..ana b., "Rumba" is the perfect film to watch during winter time. Thanks for the award!:-)

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