>Guess the picture – part 3


Where do these feet/shoes come from? (from last week, since no one has guessed it so far…)
Tip: both films are italian.
Tip 2: The leading character in the 1st picture is played by an italian actress known for playing roles that show “the degradation of women” (in her own words). The 2nd picture was directed by a man whose daughter is an actress. She’s named after a continent.
Tip 3: in the first film, the story is told through a boy’s point of view. in the second film, there’s a child’s doggerel tune, which anticipates the killing.

Answer: Malèna (1st picture), Profondo Rosso (2nd picture)

18 Comments to “>Guess the picture – part 3”

  1. >i think the 2nd one is from a spanish film… by the way, do you have twitter romeika?

  2. >Miss_Scarlett, it's not spanish, but you're close on your guess:-) I don't have twitter, it's a reader, isn't it?

  3. >O primeiro poderia ser o pé de um filme brasileiro, mas tenho a sensação de que não é!

  4. >is the second a young amelie?

  5. >Kamila, o palpite foi looonge heheCopperoranges, nope.

  6. >oh, it's a great game, but I really have no guesses except young Amelie, but I see that it isn't:(

  7. >Eu sabia disso! rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

  8. >HAHAH! I love such posts! BUT I'm hopeless at movies and definitely at non English ones!

  9. >i love love love those pictures! i can't guess the first, but the second looks like something from the chucky series. but i know you, i'm sure both films must be really good…

  10. >Seraphine, the 2nd is a terror/thriller, and it does have a trash vibe in certain moments hehe

  11. >lol "trash vibe" is a good description. hmm. named after a continent. asia, africa… europe…Asia Argento? Dario Argento?isn't he a horror film director???

  12. >Seraphine, it's the italian director Dario Argento, indeed:-) This is one of his famous horror films hehe

  13. >A primeira foto seria de "Malèna"??

  14. >Kamila, aleluia!!! 🙂

  15. >Yes, it's "Profondo Rosso", finally someone who guessed it!

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