>Guess the picture – part 2


Who’s wearing these jewels?

1st picture tip: It’s a film based on a children’s novel.

Answers: A Little Princess & The Hours.

12 Comments to “>Guess the picture – part 2”

  1. >A segunda foto é de Virginia Woolf, Nicole Kidman, em "As Horas".

  2. >this one is difficult romeika! i think the 2nd one is nicole kidman in the hours and the first one i dont know but ive seen that!

  3. >Congrats, you too! :-)Miss_Scarlett, the first one is quite easy, if you have seen the film:-) The jewel is quite meaningful to the story…

  4. >Romeika!Voltei!Não sei mesmo de onde é…beijos e beijos,Kira

  5. >i haven't got a clue.butknow that i like the neclaces their wearing^^

  6. >I wish I could but I want the dress, the jewels, everything. How pretty and evocative.

  7. >is the first one from the secret garden? or a little princess?

  8. >Não sei, mas pensei em "The Golden Compass" quando vi a primeira foto… Mas seriam dois filmes com a Nicole Kidman? Hehehehe. Abs!

  9. >haha..everyone is so good at guessing! …loveliness on that pendant.~Me too looking fwd for Spring & some warmth!

  10. >Copperoranges, it's from "a little princess" by Alfonso Cuaron, indeed… So sad many people haven't seen that film!! It's truly wonderful.

  11. >Oh snap, I'm too late! I'd be wrong anyway, I was going to guess Narnia 🙂

  12. >I thought the first one was little princess! but I don't know if I would ever get that second one! good movie though!

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