>Guess the picture


Where do these hands come from? Captures were taken from two different movies. It’s not that hard to guess… ^.^

Update: haha, I knew it would be easy to guess! The Virgin Suicides and The Royal Tenenbaums. ^.^

13 Comments to “>Guess the picture”

  1. >gwyneth patlrow in the royal tenebaums? interesting post 🙂

  2. >I'm thinking Gwyneth Paltrow in the second picture…the first I don't know, maybe from "The Virgin Suicides"

  3. >the first one is from the virgin suicides (lux) and the secong one is margot tenenbaum, what did i win?

  4. >Eek! the first one is giving me a hard time – I know I should know it… but number two is most definitely Margot Tenenbaum.It looks like you might be able to get the fifi lapin bags shipped to you. here… http://www.lesportsac.com/artistinresidence/fifi_lapin.html

  5. >WAIT! I know, haha… virgin suicides

  6. >the second shot is gwyneth paltrow in the royal tennebaums?

  7. >Romeika, a segunda mão seria de "O Fabuloso Destino de Amelie Poulain"??

  8. >Nossa, eu achei bem difícil, hahaha. O primeiro parece uma coisa meio "Lost in Translation", enquanto o segundo tem um "quê" de Almodóvar. Mas só foi um chute mesmo, porque tenho certeza que não é, hahaha.

  9. >Ooh, nao sei o primeiro. Mas a segunda foto parece Gwyneth Paltrow em 'The Royal Tenenbaums':)xx

  10. >Nossa, sou uma negação para isso… nem vou chutar!!!! HahahahahahahahaBeijos!

  11. >haha the royal tennenbaums are super funny:)i loev them..esp teh hair of ben stiller and his junior sons:)

  12. >HAHA! I recognized the first picture from the Virgin Suicides but KILL me, I've NEVER heard of the Royal Tennenbaums!! Love this post anyway! So fun! You could continue to do more of this; you could perhaps; feature legs or something:D HAHA!

  13. >Penelope, I might do it again! Who knows, on a regular basis, like every wednesday:-)

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