Photo: Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum for The New York Times

“Winslet’s apparently universal appeal isn’t unique, but it is mysterious. After all, everybody loves Tom Hanks and Will Smith, too, but that’s by design — those guys want us to love them. Everything they do, on-screen and off, cements their reputations as likable everymen, latter-day Jimmy Stewarts. They play war heroes and superheroes and selfless dads and little boys trapped in the bodies of grown men. Winslet, on the other hand, gravitates toward troubling roles in smaller films — a teenage murderer (“Heavenly Creatures”), a prickly novelist who succumbs to Alzheimer’s (“Iris”), the Marquis de Sade’s chambermaid (“Quills”). If we love Hanks and Smith because of the characters they play, we love Winslet in spite of them. Some of her choices may be dictated by necessity — there aren’t a whole lot of heroic parts available to women in Hollywood — but it’s hard to ignore a certain perverse streak in her decision making. Who else would have followed a breakout role in America’s biggest blockbuster ever with a starring turn in a tiny film called “Hideous Kinky”?” (Tom Perrotta, for The NY Times magazine).

I warn those of you who haven’t yet seen Rev. Road to not read the entire text on the link above. It might contain spoilers.

10 Comments to “>Kate”

  1. >im still amazed how revolutionary road is not nominated to the academy awards for hardly anything. i think it might be the best film thats there and they completely ignored it… such a shame but that doesnt take out that i think this is the best films ive seen in a long time.

  2. >Kate's a great actress, and can't wait to see her in RR, I have only heard/read good things about the movie! :)Bjs!xx

  3. >Kate é maravilha e está prestes a receber seu reconhecimento tão merecido – ainda que seja na categoria errada.

  4. >this is a great article and goes right along with the feminist theory i'm studying in my ways of reading class!

  5. >Curioso o que aconteceu comigo nesta temporada. Não achava Kate tudo isso que pintam. Tinha lá ótimas atuações em Almas Gêmeas, Razão e Sensibilidade, Brilho Eterno… Mas nada de "UAU!", sabe?! Porém este ano eu estou profundamente chocado com os dois trabalhos dela. Menos que genial, em ambos, Kate não está! Sua atuação em Rev. Road entrou entre as 10 melhores desta década, pra mim.Beijos!

  6. >Miss_Scarlett, it's indeed a shame! I doubt the other nominated films will have such an impact on me. Perhaps, Benjamin Button, so let's see.Brigadeiro, hope you get to see it soon, bjs!Vinicius, espero q ela ganhe! copperoranges, it's such a great article, I love his writing since I read "Little Children".Kau, eu bem sei q vc nao achava ela grande coisa, mas q bom q agora pensa diferente:-) Bjs!

  7. >Kate é maravilhosa! Eu acho que ela já deveria ter ganho o Oscar de Atriz Coadjuvante em 95, por RAZÃO E SENSIBILIDADE, que acabou nas mãos de (quem?) Mira Sorvino.Bjs!

  8. >Pois eh, Otavio, uma baita de uma injustica (na mesma perspectiva, lembro do Edward Norton perdendo para o Cuba Gooding Jr..) Espero q ela ganhe o premio este ano. Bjs!

  9. >the Oscars are really based on industry politics – it's ridiculous that it didn't get nominated.PS: hideous kinky is one of my favorite movies. I just love kate!

  10. >Tahda, indeed, it's a sort of business thing. I remember reading about "Hideous Kinky" not long after seeing "Titanic" in the movies, but unfortunately I never saw it! Neither found it in video stores nor heard about it being shown on tv, such a pity:(

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