No Oscar nominations for best picture, director, adapted screenplay and above all, actress and actor in a leading role. INSANE.

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  1. >Romeika, eu ainda não assisti "Revolutionary Road", mas conheço muita gente que compartilha da sua opinião. Tem gente que acha que Kate Winslet, por exemplo, está melhor neste filme do que em "The Reader".

  2. >Kamila, eh um alivio saber q tem quem aprecie o filme da mesma maneira. E Kate esta magnifica, dando sangue e suor nesse papel.

  3. >Ah, Romeika, tem selo para você logo mais, lá no blog, viu??

  4. >Kamila, ta certo;-) Estou cheia de tags/selos pra responder hehe Agora vou dormir zzzzzzz…

  5. >Romeika, I am SO happy to read this post and see, down there, that you gave the film no more no less than 10! I've read so many negative reviews that I got to thinking the movie I most anticipated this season was going to dissapoint. But your post just lifted my spirits! =DI'll see it tomorrow! With The Reader and Australia.Ciao!

  6. >Já eu acho que não merecia nenhuma das indicações ao Oscar que teve, nem essas que você citou – exceto atriz (Kate deveria estar com "O Leitor" por coadjuvante mesmo) e talvez ator.

  7. >i didn't see it. is it really that good?last movie i saw was slumdog millionaire.

  8. >Honestly, Rev Rd was way too intense to me, so melodramatic and constant tension, very frusturating to watch, I left feeling way too depressed for my own good.

  9. >havnt quite gotten around to seeing this yet. but i really cant wait! xhttp://gracioulyzoe.blogspot.com/

  10. >Wally, I liked RR so much, that I think no other film from the present awards season will be as much loved:-) And I go further: This is the best Sam Mendes I've ever seen.Vinicius, concordo apenas com relacoes a duas das indicacoes q o filme recebeu (direcao de arte e figurino, nada a ver, muito mais um filme como "Angel" por exemplo). Mas nos aspectos mais puros de cinema, acho q o filme merecia todas as indicacoes possiveis, em todos os premios da temporada. Seraphine, this is the best Sam Mendes film I've ever seen, and in general, it's been a loooong time a contemporary film entertains me as much as it makes me think. Movies are so boring these days!Jayne, that's some of the elements that made me love the movie. But I wasn't depressed at all, I left the movie with a big smile, and couldn't help saying to my husband: "Thank God we're not like that". But some people are, although the 1950s are gone.. I guess one's perception towards this movie is very much personal, I know, such a cliche, but that's how it is.Zoe, it's so worth it.

  11. >TOTALLY INSANE! I watched this film not long ago, and gosh, the film itself is gorgeous, different. and kate and leo do woow, just amazing acting. they both deserved oscar nominations, but i guess that at least kate was nominated for 'the reader' 🙂

  12. >I want to see that movie but I'm more interested in watching The Reader first.

  13. >Romeika, posso discordar? Achei Rev. Road fraquíssimo e CHEIO de falhas na direção. E outra: Leonardo parece um bebe birrento e chato em cena; quase chegou ao ridículo, a meu ver =/Já Kate é espetacular em cada cena!!!!!!!!Beijos!

  14. >Fatface, I haven't seen "The Reader", but the fact Kate was nominated somehow makes it up for her effort. If she wins best actress justice will be made.Molly, I wish I could have seen both by now, heheKau, claro q pode discordar, no fim das contas, tudo eh muito pessoal, cada um sente e absorve a sua maneira.. Mas eu lembro da sua descricao do filme e da atuacao do DiCaprio, e discordo com todas as minhas forcas hehe Bjs!

  15. >i have yet to see this, but i HIGHLY suggest seeing the wrestler when you get a chance. i saw it this weekend and it was great.

  16. >copperoranges: I'm looking forward to see "The Wrestler", Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei appears to be great in it! Too bad it won't open soon in DK..

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