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Back in 1996 when I saw Stealing Beauty, I neither liked it nor disliked it, there was really nothing special about the story, but Liv Tyler looked stunning, actually one of the most beautiful newcomers I had seen at that point. Bernardo Bertolucci’s camera is in love with her Lolita-esque features, capturing every one of her moves, that he almost forgets the lovely and summery tuscan countryside.
Liv plays Lucy Harmon, a 19-year old american who travels to Italy after her mother commits suicide. She hopes to solve the mystery behind her mother’s diary, enigmatic words that suggest Lucy might have been conceived under the tuscan sun. She also wants to find love, to meet the italian boy she kissed four years ago, and whom she’s been in love with during all this time…
In short, a film about a young woman trying to find herself, not very original, we could all agree, and there’s nothing really catching or inspiring about the script. No offense to Bertolucci (a director I never truly admired), but the story lacks sensibility. The director seems more interested in revealing Liv’s every single piece, not in emotional terms, though… But she’s indeed beautiful, and the gorgeous landscape makes me dream of summer, because it’s so cold, still dark, and God, it winds and winds.

Curious, somehow? Watch it here.

17 Comments to “>Young Liv”

  1. >I agree that she was gorgeous in it and i enjoyed her performance but I didn't really like the film

  2. >it does sound like a beenthere-seenthat plot but i agree that she looks stunning!so does the landscape and countryside & scenery 'round her , makes me a little season-sick considering i'm sitting here complaining about the faulty heater

  3. >Adoro "Beleza Roubada" e é impressionante como a Liv continua com a mesma carinha desse tempo.

  4. >inspired! i can't believe this movie is more than a decade oldshe is just RADIATING pretty

  5. >she was so beautiful there, she still is but that kind of innocence she had there is now gone. the film is bleh but its nie to watch every now and then.i just forgot another of those films where its difficult to grow up, león, debut of natalie portman, im sure you watched it 😉

  6. >I liked this film actually…not at first but it grew on me. It's simple and the photography is so inspiring. Really puts you in a slow and contemplative mood – maybe that doesn't make the best viewing but I think it has its place 🙂

  7. >When I first saw this film when I was a teenager, I was absolutely in love. I found this one of my favourite films. How beautiful it was, and how intriguing. The lifestyle must have been what really seduced me, and back then, the naive little secrets they are unravelling were more than mysterious — poetic, I might say.For years, then, I found this film something of a jewel. I treasured the memory of seeing it, and felt its beauty.Until about a year ago, when I saw it again. How I had been expecting to see it again, and how happy I was to purchase it. But, the disappointment. The lack of flair. The utter lack of depth. I didn't know where to look, where to look substance from… I had probably grown past the years when this films appeals to you. That is not to say I thought it was a bad film. But… It wasn't. It wasn't… It wasn't something that could fulfill all those film dreams I had once created. By the way, do you see any comparison between Liv Tyler and Eva Green, Bertolucci's newer muse? I feel they are in fact sort of similar, perhaps not in their screen presence, but something about their looks strikes me as having bit of a pattern.PS. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I appreciate it! 🙂

  8. >Miss_Scarlett, Natalie's character is quite something in that film, unforgettable!Outi, it did happen the same to me a few times..the memory of loving a film somehow, and years later, after seeing it again, it's like..the magic is gone. It's much better when the contrary happens, as wanderlusting described. As for me, I never really saw any substance in this film. As for Eva and Liv, the only similarity I see as they're both gorgeous in their own way, and quite striking. Perhaps, they both look so natural, like they don't need a special outfit or a lot of make up to assure their screen presence. But I find Eva's acting far more interesting:)

  9. >Ela é uma atriz belíssima, não tenho dúvida disso, apesar de não ter ficado movido por nenhuma atuação de sua carreira (mas ainda não vi "Beleza Roubada").

  10. >Ai, como eu acho a Liv linda…

  11. >wonderful screenshots, i love liv, her face is one of such beauty. alicexinwonderland.blogspot.com

  12. >wonderful screenshots, i love liv, her face is one of such beauty. alicexinwonderland.blogspot.com

  13. >gosh, I haven't seen this movie for ages. I forgot how lovely she is in it!

  14. >I like the movie. It isn't great Bertolucci like The Dreamers, but it has some magic to it. Liv Tyler iluminates it with beauty. But I have yet to see more so I can say: "…and she iluminated with talent.". Maybe one day…Ciao!

  15. >Oh, I also watched this movie and I really love the feature of the filming, as you said "Bertolucci's camera is in love with her Lolita-esque features"-totally agree! And I would add, it loves also the views os Toscana!My mom fell in love in the style of filming so much, so she tells me everytime I propose her to watch some movie: "I want to watch something similarly beautiful filmed as Stealing Beauty!Is this movie so?"

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