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February 2, 2009

>Young Liv


Back in 1996 when I saw Stealing Beauty, I neither liked it nor disliked it, there was really nothing special about the story, but Liv Tyler looked stunning, actually one of the most beautiful newcomers I had seen at that point. Bernardo Bertolucci’s camera is in love with her Lolita-esque features, capturing every one of her moves, that he almost forgets the lovely and summery tuscan countryside.
Liv plays Lucy Harmon, a 19-year old american who travels to Italy after her mother commits suicide. She hopes to solve the mystery behind her mother’s diary, enigmatic words that suggest Lucy might have been conceived under the tuscan sun. She also wants to find love, to meet the italian boy she kissed four years ago, and whom she’s been in love with during all this time…
In short, a film about a young woman trying to find herself, not very original, we could all agree, and there’s nothing really catching or inspiring about the script. No offense to Bertolucci (a director I never truly admired), but the story lacks sensibility. The director seems more interested in revealing Liv’s every single piece, not in emotional terms, though… But she’s indeed beautiful, and the gorgeous landscape makes me dream of summer, because it’s so cold, still dark, and God, it winds and winds.

Curious, somehow? Watch it here.