EnidGhost World (2001)

-It’s really quite something to see you all grown-up like this, Enid. I’d love to know what you’re doing now. I can’t help but feel I had some small part in how you turned out. What’re you studying? You were always such a smart little girl.
-I’m taking a remedial high school art class for fuck-ups and retards.
Charlotte Lost in Translation (2003)

I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be. I tried being a writer, but I hate what I write. And I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase, you know, like horses, dumb pictures of your feet.

IgbyIgby Goes Down (2002)

-It’s ironic that the first time in my life that I feel remotely affectionate for her (his mother), is when she’s dead.

-You beat up her corpse.
-I know, but after that.

Benjamin The Graduate (1967)

-What’s the matter? The guests are all downstairs, Ben, waiting to see you.

-Look, Dad, could you explain to them that I have to be alone for a while?
-These are all our good friends, Ben. Most of them have known you since, well, practically since you were born. What is it, Ben?
-I’m just…
-About what?
-I guess about my future.
-What about it?
-I don’t know… I want it to be…
-To be what?

Somehow I relate to these characters. Any other film characters with similar conflicts? I’d love to hear!

11 Comments to “>Youth”

  1. >romeika. i've always loved your blog. this posting is one of your best ever. i love the quotes. i think everyone can relate, on some level, with youth and the search for meaning and place. after all, it's a shared experience we've all gone through. how can we ever become ourselves without such introspection?

  2. >Adoro todos os personagens! "The Graduate" é um dos meus filmes favoritos em todos os tempos, por isso o post já me ganhou por essa frase do longa, hehehehe.

  3. >Seraphine, thank you. And I couldn't agree more with you, it's impossible not to relate to these young characters, everyone goes through similar experiences.Vinicius, tb adoro todos, e AMO "The Graduate":-)

  4. >oooh romeika, i did a post like this one some time ago, you cant miss cecilia from the virgin suicides, the boys from the tender 'stand by me', even billmurray in 'lost in translation' finds it hard to grow up. its a recurrent idea on my mind, its not easy…

  5. >All anxious youths remind me of Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye, and while I could never figure out whether I liked him or not, I knew exactly what he meant.But, American Beauty I think is a good one. It captures a misspent youth as well as a misspent middle age. The characters are all so twisted and self-obsessed, the adults act like teenagers and the teenagers just want to grow up and be adults.

  6. >I love it how you present your readers with this almost-trivia about films. I am bit of a film buff myself, and love those details and little observations about films — when you feel you really gain something from a film and it keeps on living inside you, having a life of its own.

  7. >Romeika, I really like these kinds of thematic propositions which make me think about movies that could correspond your quest!Well, let me think…One of the best French movies I have ever seen, Les roseaux sauvages aka Wild Reeds (though a multilayered film), is definitely a coming of age story, too.The same kind of quest could be found also in Michel Gondry's Interior Design (the first segment of the tryptich: Tokyo!; its solution is amusing and very surprising!Another excellent coming of age story is C.R.A.Z.Y, though the main character's conflict is coming from his homosexuality, but it's also about growing up and accepting oneself! A really great movie!

  8. >Miss_Scarlett: "Stand by me"!!! So true, indeed;-) Thank you for reminding me of this film, a classic! And you're right about Cecilia, who sadly gives up too soon, and Bill Murray, still unsure in a way – "it never gets better".Meg, I heard of the first character, but never read the novel and had no idea there was a film version! Yes, "American Beauty", indeed!Outi, that's what the best films do to us;-)Grinda, so glad to find someone who loves "Les roseaux sauvages" as well! I saw it when I was a teen, only once, and never forgot it. I've been recently trying to find it on the internet, without sucess:-S I remember I was very moved by the character François and his sexual conflicts. Still need to see those other films, thanks for the tip!

  9. >I've seen and loved all those movies – especially Ghost World

  10. >I've been accused of being Enid many a time…

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