>Vincent (1982) by Tim Burton


Vincent Malloy is seven years old, / He’s always polite and does what he’s told. / For a boy his age he’s considerate and nice, / But he wants to be just like Vincent Price…

19 Comments to “>Vincent (1982) by Tim Burton”

  1. >i haven't seen this one…..by the way – merry christmass and happy new year! a bit late but still… i hope you had a lovely time.

  2. >Outro dia vi esse curta (que não conhecia) e gostei muito, realmente o diretor já mostrava grande talento desde essa época!

  3. >I love Vincent Price movies. They're so trashy and camp.

  4. >Hi sweetie!I made a new blog.I guess I disappeared from blogspot for a bit- I got wrapped up in things but I'm back! with a new blog! and I wanted to let you know. & I can't wait to start reading your blog again.xo, Dayna

  5. >freaky and exciting! I would definetelly watch his other movies:)))

  6. >p.s. I guess children of 7 years old do not have to read Edgar Alain Poe;)

  7. >Too bad my audio is not working :(Romeika, dear, thank you very much for the award, you were so nice to choose me!♥

  8. >Isn't tim burton great?! Love the vid!

  9. >can you believe i have only seen ONE tim burton movie? (big fish) i need to catch up.

  10. >Oh my goodness, the guy who Tim did that film with (Rick Heinrichs) is a client of the place I work!That's sort of cool 🙂 I love Tim! thanks for sharing.

  11. >Tahda, that's really cool:-)

  12. >Thanks for the award 🙂

  13. >I haven't seen it before. 🙂

  14. >I've seen most of Tim Winton's films and read his poetry but this 'short' was new to me. Lovely find Romeika

  15. >Incredibly macabre short film. I loved it. Burton is a genious.Ciao!

  16. >Never seen that….weird but neat.

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