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December 1, 2008

>Happy Birthday, Woody Allen!


“For some reason I’m more appreciated in France than I am back home. The subtitles must be incredibly good.”
“My relationship with Hollywood isn’t love-hate, it’s love-contempt. I’ve never had to suffer any of the indignities that one associates with the studio system. I’ve always been independent in New York by sheer good luck. But I have an affection for Hollywood because I’ve had so much pleasure from films that have come out of there. Not a whole lot of them, but a certain amount of them have been very meaningful to me.”
“The two biggest myths about me are that I’m an intellectual, because I wear these glasses, and that I’m an artist because my films lose money. Those two myths have been prevalent for many years.”
“Of course, I would love everybody to see my films. But I don’t care enough ever to do anything about it. I would never change a word or make a movie that I thought they would like. I really don’t care if they come or not. If they don’t want to come, then they don’t; if they do come, then great. Do I want to do what I do uncompromisingly, and would I love it if a big audience came? Yes, that would be very nice. I’ve never done anything to attract an audience, though I always get accused of it over the years.”
Films: Annie Hall, Match Point, Sweet and Lowdown, Bullets Over Broadway, Hannah and her Sisters, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Celebrity, Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
December 1, 2008

>Watch a Carole Lombard film


“I wish Carole Lombard would receive some of the attention lavished on Marilyn Monroe. They were so alike: blond, beautiful, sexy and at their best in comedy. They married famous men, and they died tragically young. The Monroe legend grows. Do people remember Lombard? (…) She was a better actress than Monroe, left more classic films, (…) her artistry lives, and her best films continue to deliver joy. She threw herself exuberantly into parts and wasn’t afraid to look foolish for a laugh. In many ways, she served as an inspiration to Lucille Ball.” (Hal Boedeker)

While I don’t agree with the better than Monroe thing among most of other comparissons, I find it a pity that movie lovers don’t remember Carole Lombard or in the worst cases have never even heard of her. As I’ve mentioned on a post before, it’s remarkable how she’s hardly mentioned in film related shows, magazines or media in general. Having heard of her long ago, I’ve actually “discovered” her very recently (through Twentieth Century and Nothing Sacred), and would love to see more of her pictures. It might not always be easy to find her films, but here’s one of them.