>The Irony


I couldn’t avoid making a certain comparisson after seeing the photo on the left, almost a movie still extracted from the film Charlie Wilson’s War, directed by Mike Nichols. Oscar winner actors Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts play powerful political figures, and powerful they are in Hollywood as well. On the right, there’s Bette Davis and Anne Baxter in the classic All About Eve, both nominated for an academy award for playing the diva and the actress wanna-be, respectively. Only in one film the characters are rivals, what’s the similarity, then? Their out of focus starlets, of course. In the 1950 film, it was Marilyn Monroe, in one of her first supporting roles, just an insignificant beauty that soon would outshine not only the powerful lead actress, as well as everyone else in Hollywood. Could it be the case of our favourite new red-haired girl in a couple of years?

10 Comments to “>The Irony”

  1. >Romeika, interessante o comparativo que você tenha feito entre a Marilyn e a Amy Adams. Nunca que eu pensaria nisso, mas espero, sinceramente, que Amy seja um ícone tão forte quanto a Monroe foi. 🙂

  2. >She sure will if she sing a Happy Bday song for Barack obama and mysteriously killed later on.

  3. >Kamila, eu comparei no sentido de que em poucos anos a Amy pode chegar a ofuscar (se já não está ofuscando) estrelas de "maior calibre", como os protagonistas do filme que citei. Ícone como a Marilyn, eu duvido muito, afinal, MM é e sempre será única.Anonymous, I'm not saying Amy might reach the same iconic status Monroe did, I'm only saying she might outshine big stars like the ones she worked with in this Mike Nichols' film.nursemyra, I love it too.

  4. >Awesome analysis. Adams has all the right stuff to command the leading lady role.

  5. >Muito interessante! Tenho que ver este filme com Julia Roberts? Voce a recomenda? :)BTW. Quer 'trocar' de links? 🙂

  6. >What a great catch! Amazing.

  7. >Solshine, thanks! I can't wait to see Amy in a leading lady role again.Brigadeiro, achei o filme bom, mas sou muito mais outros trabalhos do Mike Nichols (o diretor do filme), como "The Graduate", "Closer", "Working Girl", etc. E sim, quero trocar links:-)Joanna, thanks!

  8. >Great post! Very interesting look at the images. I believe that Amy Adams will, most certainly, shine much more as time goes by.Ciao!

  9. >Wally, I think so too, she's gotten undeniable talent and charisma.

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