>Isn’t Kate Deneuvely?


You can read the article, see the cover and the rest of the photo shoot in which she channels Catherine Deneuve’s character from Belle de Jour on Vanity Fair’s website. Kate = wonderful.

18 Comments to “>Isn’t Kate Deneuvely?”

  1. >kate is amazing. the first time i really noticed her was in titanic. she has a great screen presence. it's fun seeing the changes in her as she matures and finds new paths to explore. it's no wonder the world is in love with her.

  2. >Vi esse ensaio da Vanity e adorei! Elas se parecem, até interpretando!

  3. >she is so brilliant and beautiful, this shoot is totally sexy

  4. >Uma surpresa em ver ela assim, tão diferente e sexy!Mil beijos!

  5. >She looks absolutely fantastic here!!

  6. >Kate é maravilhosa, Oscar para ela!

  7. >Concordo com Kira! Smokin'!

  8. >Seraphine, I'm in love with her ever since I saw "Heavenly Creatures", although I first saw her in "Sense and Sensibility". I agree with you.Jayne, one of the sexiest shots she's ever done, isn't it? I remember she was in a GQ cover some years ago, but they used too much photoshop, it was quite unflattering.Cassiano, sim, ambas belas e talentosas.Vinicius, nao vi os filmes, apenas os trailers e faco coro com vc: Oscar pra Kate! haha

  9. >I've always loved Kate, I think she is absolutely stunning. Moreover, I remember seeing her on Inside the Actor's studio and realizing what an intelligent, confident and interesting woman she is.She looks absolutely beautiful in this photoshoot. How unbelievably sexy!xx

  10. >Jimena, I'd love to see her on Actor's Studio, I believe I missed this one. I agree with everything u said:-)

  11. >Kate é bem bonita mesmo. E tem me convencido cada vez mais como atriz. Entretanto, ainda consigo citar artistas melhores que ela e mais belas =)Bjos!

  12. >Este ensaio da Vanity Fair ficou maravilhoso! A Kate está, a cada ano, ficando mais bonita!

  13. >No, she is not Deneuvely, actually she is much better than Deneuve, at least she is flesh and blood instead of being a cold block of ice.

  14. >she looks amazing, i always liked her confidence when it comes to strip down her clothes. and i loved her in heavenly creatues and sense & sensibility.im glad you liked the marie-antoinette image, the avatar has another colouring but stills beautiful 🙂

  15. >Kau, concordo que tem atrizes bem mais bonitas que a Kate, mas a considero a mais talentosa de sua geracao. Bjs!Kamila, Kate eh como o vinho heheGrinda, it's funny you say that, cause I've always had this feeling while watching some of her early/old films. I thought it was because of the kind of role she was playing, but now that you say that… I like Deneuve in films like "Dancer in the Dark" and "8 Femmes", and although I think she's a good actress, Kate is indeed much better, for the reasons you pointed.Miss_Scarlett, I always admired her for that, giving herself in body and soul while acting. That avatar is so beautiful, thanks again!:-)

  16. >i havent seen belle de jour, but kate does look like her in these.

  17. >Putz! Só eu que não acho ela boa atriz, mas até que é bonitinha!Abraço!

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