After all those wicked characters from contemporary films, I leave you with some innocence from a Hollywood that no longer exists. Mary Pickford, the first America’s sweetheart; the lovely Clara Bow and the eternal Charles Chaplin as the tramp. Don’t you just love the silent era?

Innocence is not entirely dead in the movies, not if it depends from the talented team behind Pixar, which delivered us the magical Wall-E this year. The film does remind me of those old silent pictures, when words were not needed to express one’s feelings.

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8 Comments to “>Innocence”

  1. >when i see the name mary pickford i always have to sum the song ''mary pickford used to pick roses'' from katie melua(:xx

  2. >me encanta lost in translation!y las fotos viejas en sepia…saludos 😀

  3. >Thanks for the comment.Your blog has lots of inspiring pictures. 🙂

  4. >there was actually a time that I was that innocent too.

  5. >Eu gosto do cinema mudo. Pena que não assisti a muitos filmes neste estilo. E "Wall-E" funcionou comigo neste primeiro ato. Acho que o filme apresenta problemas quando entra naquela parte, digamos, falada.

  6. >Wall-E is pure genious. It almost compansates the fact that I've never seen a silent film and little of Chaplin. But I am still trying… after all, the power of cinema goes beyond words, it moves us with the force of imagery.Ciao!

  7. >Seraphine, we all were:-)Kamila, eu gosto mais da parte muda do filme, e dos "Evaaaa" e "Wall-E", dos dois robozinhos hehe Wally, exactly! Chaplin's silent films are so wonderful, you should see them!

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