>The Queen & The Duchess


I haven’t seen The Duchess yet (when is it ever opening in DK?!?), but from the pictures I’ve seen, I was instantly reminded of Marie Antoinette, without the candy colours. I know both films take place in the 18th century, but I just have the feeling these two women have much more in common. Perhaps I’m wrong.

19 Comments to “>The Queen & The Duchess”

  1. >ahhhh i can't wait for the mvei!i hope it's coming very very soon:)the hait tower is really astonishing :)lovely blog!gonna add you^^xx

  2. >I loved the look of Marie Antoinette. So beautiful.

  3. >My yoga teacher said it's a fantastic film. I hate to image all that when into the hairdo :)Beautiful!

  4. >I haven't seen The Duchess or Marie Antoinette, but I've seen The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson! Have you seen it yet?I think the movie is fantastic and the wardrobe is amazing!Although I also want to see the first two because I love historical novels/movies.

  5. >i haven't seen it either. but how did they do hair like that a hundred years ago? was hairspray even invented then?i imagine it was difficult walking through doorways with that hair, and sleeping cpmfortably is unimaginable.

  6. >I haven't seen it yet either. Keira bugs me a bit, but it does look rather good!

  7. >Romeika, acho que você não está errada. A impressão que eu tenho é a de que as duas possuem muitas semelhanças mesmo. "A Duquesa" ainda não estreou por aqui também.Bom final de semana!

  8. >The Stiletto Effect: Yup, I've seen it, I talked about it here:http://aroom-of-ones-own.blogspot.com/2008/09/other-boleyn-girl.html Seraphine, I've always wondered the same! They prolly used something gross to make these hairdos and they didn't wash it for days. Ew! hahaHave a nice weekend, everyone!

  9. >Hopefully, Kirsten hasn't stolen Kiera beau who looks an awful lot like Orlando Bloom..but who knows that could have been over ages ago. I think Kiera will be much more brit than Kirsten could ever possibly be French. I hope to see it..but I was really let down with the latest Brideshead Revisisted. I didn't like the lead much. The gay brother stole the show. I wished it would have just been his movie. Ben Crenshaw rocks.

  10. >Uau, só você mesmo para perceber as semelhanças entre os dois filmes. Por essas fotos, fica claro que estas existem, o que me deixa ainda mais curioso em relação a "The Duchess". Abraço!

  11. >I've seen both movies. I enjoyed both, but perhaps prefer the Duchess a more.Yes, I recognised there were plenty of similarities between the two… including the love for fashion in that era.

  12. >oo nice compare contrast, the similarities were never so obvious before! i've seen both and although both are well acted, beautifully shot, marvelously costumed, and about doomed women I preferred the overall visual flair and style of marie, but duchess is worth seeing, even if it is infinitely depressing lol

  13. >i have no idea about the duchess either but i love both kirsten and keira, marie antoinette is purely eye candy, a delicious thing to wacth and im sure the duchess will show another great keira performance.

  14. >Interessting connection you've found here. Marie Antoinette was a great movie, but I have a feeling The Duchess will go to a diferrent direction: conventionality. Unfortunetly, I don't really think it's gonna bee to audacious. But, at least, it could me interesting. And I reaally do love me a Keira…ps: Amy Adams looks wonderful on Vanity Fair!Ciao!

  15. >Wally, I know it, I've seen the trailer!:-) It will be very different, but I just couldn't help making these comparissons in terms of their lives/personality. But one can already see a lot of difference when it comes to costumes and cinematography.

  16. >I still haven't seen this although I do adore Keira. I might sneak this in during my next weekend – I'm also a sucker for period films with great costumes and extravagant locations. 🙂

  17. >Concordo com voce & Kamila que Marie Antoinette e a Duquesa tinham muito em comum. ADOREI o filme Marie Antoinette, os costumes, os doces…ambos me deu agua na boca!

  18. >I have seen and liked both films. I actually didn't want to see the Duchess but went with some friends who wanted to see it. gorgeous costumes.I have read a lot about Marie Antoinette (who, by the way, was not French by birth rather Austrian) and that era.Both movies take place in the same time frame – mid to late 1700s.Marie Antoinette started the big elaborate coiffures along and had several groundbreaking stylists for both clothes and hair. She influence England's Aristocrats quite a bit apparently. They almost certainly met in real life!

  19. >Tahda, so Marie Antoinette was quite a trendsetter, and one can certainly picture her and the duchess meeting eachother, indeed.

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