>Alice’s House


(A Casa de Alice, Brazil, 2007) – She may be named Alice (Carla Ribas, outstanding), but her world is very far from Wonderland. Married to a taxi driver and mother of three children, all of them men, without a single exception. The family lives together in the same house, which belongs to her mother, an old lady who is practically an unpaid maid and whose only joy is an old portable radio. Every day Alice goes to work in a beauty parlour, where she’s a manicurist and listens to one of her female clients brag about how she’s happy financially and in her marriage. Alice listens but doesn’t share any of her frustrations, not to this person, not to anyone else. She seems optimistic and even smiles, that no one could realize what’s really going on inside her mind. She’s so helpful, that other people wouldn’t mind asking her for advices, like a young girl who lives in the same building and doesn’t know what to do to make her much older lover abandon his wife. She’s a good woman, after all. But Alice struggles between life’s adversities and the sexism her house possesses. The problem is she doesn’t quite know what happens inside and outside those walls, she’s not a strong presence in her own house. Her mother, however, knows about everyone’s secrets, but doesn’t interfere. It’s only natural that Alice ends up searching for real happiness outside her own world, but is it possible to be happy? This is a realistic picture, from the dialogues to how they’re spoken and filmed. Some of the actors seem so comfortable in what they’re doing and saying, that it feels like the camera is registering a real life happening.

5 Comments to “>Alice’s House”

  1. >Romeika, que bom que você gostou de "A Casa de Alice". Acho que o filme se sustenta na excelente performance de Carla Ribas e adorei a sua interpretação sobre o filme.

  2. >Kamila, gostei bastante! E concordo sobre a excelente performance da atriz, nao a conhecia.

  3. >Estou acompanhando o trabalho da Carla Ribas na série "Alice" (na qual ela tem um papel secundário), não sei se você já ouviu falar…

  4. >Vinicus, nunca ouvi falar, passa na TV? Espero que ela consiga bons papeis na TV ou no cinema, ela eh muito talentosa.

  5. >Romeika, eu também não a conhecia. Estou assistindo atualmente ao segundo trabalho dela, no seriado "Alice" (como bem disse o Vinícius), uma série da HBO Brasil.

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