>Romola Garai


Probably the most talented young actress to ever grace Lula’s pages. No offense to Kiki, though.
The Thing Called Love, Lula Magazine, Issue #4, 2007. Source: romola-garai.com

13 Comments to “>Romola Garai”

  1. >beautiful photographs…I love the setting. Lula is a fantastic mag.

  2. >Garai is a great actress and a revelation. Although I still haven't seen the very praised "Angel", the little I've seen from her is enough to nominate her as a very talented, and beautiful, woman.Ciao!

  3. >i absolutely love her, she is by far one of the most under appreciate actresses, she always manages to be stunning in everything she does- as you like it, atonement, i capture the castle, vanity fair, even dirty dancing havana nights

  4. >Romeika, a Romola Garai é a jovem atriz que eu sigo com mais atenção. Adoro a versatilidade dela e a capacidade que ela tem de mergulhar nas personagens que interpreta. As fotos estão show!

  5. >nossa, ela é adorável 🙂

  6. >i don't know who she is… will research.the photos are beautiful anyway. hope everything is well. i love your profile picture by the way – you reming me of amelie in them!xx

  7. >I' mot sure who she is, but I love these pics, and the blue and red colours together look amazing.

  8. >As fotos ficaram excelentes mesmo, ela é linda.

  9. >She is gorgeousss…The setting for the pics is quite inspiring indeed…feel free to visit & hope you say hi ok… Have a fabulous weekend dear…

  10. >I think she and Kiki are just as good as each other….it's only that Romola is VASTLY underrated (and more talented, though less fashion-friendly- aka skinny- than Keira Knightley).

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