>Carole Lombard, The Profane Angel


When I fell in love with movies, many years ago, I was firstly seduced by classic movie stars, one by one or all of them at the same time. Marilyn, Ava, Rita, Marlene, Audrey, Grace… There’s always this unexplainable magic about those who will never age, who are eternal. And how could I not notice this exquisite beauty in a satin gown? I must have seen her photograph before, but I can’t recall seeing one of her movies. It’s time to discover her.

6 Comments to “>Carole Lombard, The Profane Angel”

  1. >wonderful pictures of her 🙂

  2. >Wonderful stills.Turner Classic Movies is doing a special on her all this month. Don't know if you receive that channel but if you don't, they're picking her "best" films so I suppose it would be a good guide to her films.

  3. >Marina, I don't get this channel here, unfortunately:-( (thanks for the tip, nevertheless!) But there's a movie theather showing some of her movies during this entire month. Her photo on the poster used to promote this exhibition is quite striking. It was impossible not to notice her face. I'm definitely watching some movies there:-)

  4. >Romeika, eu não conheço muita coisa a respeito da Carole Lombard, a não ser que ela foi um dos grandes amores da vida do Clark Gable. :-)Acho que também vou ter que redescobrí-la.

  5. >Kamila, quando estava procurando fotos na net, li q ela foi casada com o Gable, e q realmente ele era louco por ela. Ela morreu num acidente de aviao jovem, nao tinha nem 40 anos, e ele arrasado soh saiu do local do acidente depois de ver q nao encontraria ninguem com vida.. Li assim por cima, nao sei ao certo.

  6. >Howard Hughes wifes hehe.Hugs !!

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