>It could even be a dream – part 1


Heavenly Creatures (1994) – Juliet & Pauline

This scene is so brilliantly directed, acted and edited, as it shows how the two teenage girls bonded “in a matter of minutes”, becoming devoted best friends as the song is over, and we believe it! Based on a real life story, the movie is as dreamy as it’s dark. 13 years later I watched it again, and how funny it was to see small bits that reminded me a lot of Sofia’s The Virgin Suicides. Here is for you, who think Peter Jackson is only the guy behind The Lord of the Rings. He’s sooo much cooler than that.

23 Comments to “>It could even be a dream – part 1”

  1. >É por causa de "Almas Gêmeas", Romeika, e de cenas como essa, que mostram sensibilidade, que eu acredito que Peter Jackson é o diretor ideal para a adaptação de "Uma Vida Interrompida".

  2. >haha i love the lord of the rings but this is rather brilliant!

  3. >Kamila, exatamente. E quase q eu fazia esse mesmo comentario no meu post;-)Kat, I agree! hehe

  4. >Que coincidência, ora!!! 🙂 Foi, então, uma transmissão de pensamentos!

  5. >awww, i really like this scene! it reminds me of the spanish movie Valentine sort of. i want to see it!

  6. >Thanks for sharing! It is indeed really beautiful 🙂

  7. >isn't it funny how two people can bond so quickly like that. i think maybe you see something of yourself in the other person. but too, maybe one sees something in the other person that they would like to become. what do you think, romeika? it can't just be random, can it?

  8. >A beautiful filme that is, in a way, very unsettling. Jackson is ecletic and a fantastically sensible and sensitive director. The actresses are algo great! Great choice of moment. ;)Ciao!

  9. >this story fascinates me, the movie is awesome but i'm amazed of what they did, in a scary and intriguing way, its hard to explain…

  10. >Essa comparação com o filme da Coppola foi ótima, nunca tinha pensado na relação entre os dois longas. Adoro "Almas Gêmeas", um trabalho diferente dentro da filmografia do Peter Jackson.

  11. >Sabia da existência desse filma, embora nunca tenha visto. Mas achei a cena maravilhosa, deu uma super vontade de ver. É de um vigor bem interesante e nem parece o Peter Jackson de O Senhor dos Anéis.

  12. >Muito bonito e de certa forma comovente! :)BeijosSu

  13. >Seraphine, it sounds like you had seen the movie before, as you named two of the reasons why they connected to eachother so quickly,I mean, from my point of view:-)Wally, Jackson is indeed very sensitive, it's remarkable how he can switch from this kind of film to an epic.Miss_Scarlett, what they did in real life was horrible, but everything that happens before that is quite intriguing and indeed fascinating in a way. Apart from the film, the real life story of these two after the murder is quite something.Vinicius, eu soh notei depois de rever "Almas Gemeas". Aquela atmosfera colegial do filme da Sofia eh bem semelhante, inclusive tem uma cena de um retrato com todas as alunas da escola quase identica a de "As Virgens Suicidas", como se a foto anunciasse a tragedia que viria a acontecer. Fora que sao filmes sobre meninas, e q talvez agrade mais a essa faixa etaria.Rafael, procure assistir, eu sou grande admiradora desse outro lado do Peter Jackson.

  14. >I don't think i have seen heavenly creatures. 😦 i hate to admit, i forget movies almost as soon as they are finished. i'll see it later and go "wait, i've seen this already!" it's embarrassing.the best movies are the ones that make me remember them. the ones i remember aren't always the "best" movies, but they do something to me, make me see the world in a new way, or they remind me of something i've forgotten, or they trigger an emotion. they surprise me.i see a lot of well-made movies that make no impact at all.

  15. >This one of the first movies I rented when I got NetFlix. Kate Winslet is just amazing–she was *so* young when she acted in this.Despite not really liking horror, I also really liked 'The Frighteners,' another movie you wouldn't expect from Peter Jackson.

  16. >So much laughter! So much fun! It's all part of being girls((:

  17. >Seraphine, I can relate to what you say, as the films I usually like the most are those I can't forget. You told me that about movies you like once, just can't remember when:-)Ambika, my Kate crush began after seeing this film hehe I'd love to see more of Peter Jackson's "old" films.

  18. >This film is the one I bring out when people tell me they don't see how Kate W. is a good actress. It's such a compelling film.

  19. >i watched a rerun of nurse betty (starring renée zellweger, morgan freeman, greg kinnear and chris rock) yesterday. i know, i know. not a lot of artistic merit. but i liked it!

  20. >Meg, I can't understand how someone can't see how great Kate is, but you're right on giving this film as an example, she's wonderful in it, and she was so young.Seraphine, I liked this film, and although it's been a long time since I saw it, I still remember bits of it, not to mention Renee's great performance.

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