>Top 10 Actors


Kamila from Cinéfila por Natureza tagged me on my 10 favourite actors, that’s to say, actors I like due to their talent or their looks, or why not a little mix of both.

1. Johnny Depp

2.Sean Penn
3.Edward Norton
4. Daniel Day-Lewis

5. Joaquin Phoenix

6. Ralph Fiennes
7. Ewan McGregor

8. Denzel Washington
9. Clive Owen
10. Ryan Gosling


What about you, dear female readers?

21 Comments to “>Top 10 Actors”

  1. >While I totally agree with your entire (esp. #10), I would also add James McAvoy and Leonardo DiCaprio. I think both of them are incredibly talented and so hot!

  2. >oo good choices, edward norton is a genius as is daniel day lewis. denzel is so powerful. joaquin is underrated sadly. clive is hot and talented! who doesn't love fiennes!? and omg johnny, my ultimate favorite, i also love leo and james mcavoy!

  3. >Eu sabia que eu tinha deixado alguém de fora da minha lista!!! Como pude me esquecer do Joaquin Phoenix, um ator que eu aprendi a gostar???Adorei seu top 10 e obrigada por ter aceitado o desafio!

  4. >Meu Deus! que time!!!daqui os que amo mais: sean penn! claro, clive owen and evan macgregor!!!muitos beijos querida!

  5. >Oooh, I love all of these men especially Johnny Depp. But what about the oldies? Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, Bob Hope…

  6. >I like bad boys ehehe5. Joaquin PhoenixMy fav !!

  7. >Hi Romeika,Your choices are excellent! Though for me, the top 3 would be Daniel Day-Lewis, Ewan McGregor and Edward Norton. All of them are very versatile and talented actors!

  8. >Jen, McAvoy looks great and he's talented, but from this new generation (Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, etc), Gosling is my fav! I like Leo too ^.^Jayne, you're right, poor Joaquin!Kamila, o Joaquin fica melhor a cada filme. Mal posso esperar pra ve-lo no cinema novamente! E ele eh lindo hehe :-pKira, o Sean Penn em termos de aparencia eh o mais "deslocado" do grupo, mas sabe que eu gosto? kkkkkkkk Bjs!The clothes, I knew someone would touch on this subject. But then I'd have to make a separate list of all my fav classic actors. This list here is based in the actors that right now make me wanna go to the movies. For a similar reason, there's no De Niro, Pacino, Freeman, Nicholson, Hanks, Brando etc… Diana, Joaquin is a good boy:-p haha!Grinda, you're right, these three can play all sort of roles. Daniel has his oscars, but Edward doesn't have one yet, so unfair! And the poor McGregor is so underrated=/

  9. >Hehehe, não sou uma leitora, mas vou opinar de qualquer forma 😉 Não sei quanto à beleza, mas todos da lista são excelentes atores, também estão entre meus favoritos, incluindo Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Ewan McGregor e Ryan Gosling.

  10. >awesome choices, but i am not a huge johnny depp fan. the only one curiously missing is john cusak? my number one is ryan gosling.

  11. >Vinicius, a lista foi mais baseada no talento mesmo, eh coincidencia q a maioria seja uma mistura das 2 coisas haha ^.^Copperoranges, I'm not a huge Cusack fan, but I recognize he's gotta talent.

  12. >I am in love with Ewan McGregor and have been for years since Transpotting, you definitely picked some major goodies.

  13. >nice list.i'd add jeremy irons, stellan skarsgard, sam rockwell and james legros.

  14. >You know what's the greatest thing? You could tell me your list is only based on talent and still it would be totally coherent. Great actors! Great list!!Ciao!

  15. >I love Johnny Depp, but I also love Joseph Gordon-Levitt! They're both just lovely.

  16. >This list very much matches what I would pick! I might add Sam Rockwell and Mark Ruffalo…

  17. >Three words: Gael García Bernal.

  18. >Amazing list! Mas eu concordo com a Rita, daria para incluir o Gael Garcia Bernal!

  19. >Rita: Yes, he's gorgeous, much prettier than many of the guys I listed, but not my fav actor. Thank you all for sharing your opinion!^.^

  20. >I must be hallucinating! Maybe not in the exact order, but my choices match yours to the bone!

  21. >Javiar Bardem and Christian Bale!

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