>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 9


The English Patient (1996) – Almásy & Katharine

-Why did you hate me?
-Don’t you know you drove everybody mad?
-Shhhhhh. Don’t talk.
-You speak so many bloody languages, and you never want to talk.
-You’re wearing the thimble.
-Of course, you idiot. I always wear it; I’ve always worn it; I’ve always loved you.

11 Comments to “>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 9”

  1. >Ralph Fiennes é aquele ator que eu gosto de dizer que protagoniza histórias de amor muito complicadas. Foi o caso de "O Paciente Inglês" e de "O Fim de Caso". Eu adoro o filme do Minghella (um dos poucos que assisti mais de uma vez no cinema) e amo a maneira como o diretor desenvolveu sua história.Bom final de semana!

  2. >i need to see this movie, i've heard its amazing, slightly confusing, but amazing

  3. >Hmm… Você gosta de O PACIENTE INGLÊS… Vi uma vez no cinema. Juro! Uma só vez! Mas preciso tomar vergonha na cara e revê-lo.E, Romeika, muito obrigado pelas palavras lá no blog!Beijo! Bom fim de semana!

  4. >Wonderful!!!Have a nice weekend.

  5. >This is such a wonderful film, full of passion, a story told with passion and delicacy… And this is the dialogue that embodies the film to me, the moment in the plot when everything erupts… The dialogue that always plays in my mind when I think of the film. Probably one of my favourite lines from any film.

  6. >"You speak so many bloody languages, and you never want to talk."I just love this phrase so much!

  7. >hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyou are fantastic!!!really nice blogfabulous fantastic

  8. >A movie I really liked when I first saw it, probably three years ago, but really want to watch againg. But I remember this moment well, it's great.Ciao!

  9. >i forgot to tell you but i posted a pollabout the idea you gave me some timeago, check it out and tell me who did you vote 😉

  10. >oh god that film is love, really. i remember that once my mom was watching it so i started to watch it too, it was the part where he comes back and its already too late, and even though i didnt know half the story it made me cry a LOT, that scene was so… wow, i mean, who can not cry seeing that¿

  11. >Kamila, adoraria ter visto esse filme mais de uma vez no cinema, quem sabe um dia. E realmente, os personagens de Fiennes sofrem muito no amor…. Ele faz esse tipo maravilhosamente bem. Mas lembrando de um papel mais alegre dele no amor, foi aquele filme "Maid in Manhattan" com a JLo, heheheJayne, I didn't find it confusing at all, I think you'll like it.Otavio, de nada! Tb quero rever esse filme, o vi apenas 2 vezes, e faz quase uma decada que nao o vejo.Outi, it's really the dialogue one never forgets.Wally, I must see it again some other time, it's been so long.Grinda, ME TOO!!!Miss_Scarlett, it's indeed so emotional. And I've answered the pool, I voted on Naomi Watts 😉

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