>Nat Film Festival – the last day


24 Bars (24 Mesures, France, Canada, 2007) – Three characters will have their paths crossed on Christmas Eve. The first of them is the fake blonde prostitute Helly (Lubna Azabal), who’s trying to contact her son against his caretakers’ will, while trying to make the money she needs. About to have a breakdown, she meets Didier (Benoit Magimel), who offers to pay her if she pretends to be her fiancee when they visit his hospitalized father. A tragedy happens, and Helly meets Marie (Berangere Allaux), a lesbian whose conflicted relation with her apparently selfish mother has twisted her love life. Lonely and seeking nothing but companionship and a feel of familiar bond, they’ll end up in a night club with a third lonely soul, Chris (Sami Bouajila), himself also coming from an earlier seething encounter, although poorly connected to the others. Despite of the strong and convincing performances (especially Azabal’s), the stories lack profundity, sometimes even turning out superficial.

Lars and the Real Girl (USA, 2007) – Ryan Gosling’s brilliant portrayal of Lars Lindstrom, an introverted young man in a relationship with Bianca, a custom-made, life-size plastic doll, is one of the best tragicomedy performances I’ve seen in a long time. Of course he has helpful tools around him, as the script is quirky to say the least, treating a dark matter in a soft and unusual manner through sensibility and laughters. Besides, there’s an outstanding supporting cast surrounding him, first Lars’ familiar nucleus – his older brother Gus (Paul Schneider) who finds it difficult to deal with Lars’ sudden “insanity”, along with his much more understanding and pregnant wife Karin (Emily Mortimer). They will be advised by doctor Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson) to act like if Bianca was actually a real person while hosting her in their house, a decision that will be followed by the entire small town community, which will genuinely embrace Lars’ “girlfriend” kindly. It’s hard to imagine the real world in the way the characters in the movie are portrayed, but in this aspect the film succeeds through its originality.

24 Comments to “>Nat Film Festival – the last day”

  1. >wow the first film is quite a mouthful of a plot haha, nevertheless sounds interesting

  2. >I enjoyed Lars and the Real Girl thoroughly. And I shall be discussing it soon in my blog 😀

  3. >i really want to see Lars and the Real Girl. i think it's interesting on how he believes that this mannequin is his girl friend. also the quote from Heath is really interesting.

  4. >Romeika, dos filmes postados, o que estou mais interessada em assistir é "Lars and the Real Girl". Acho que o filme tem uma premissa das mais diferentes e sua opinião sobre o longa é a segunda que leio que o elogia. Espero que estréie por aqui.

  5. >i thought lars and the real girl was very quirky and good too!

  6. >Quero muito ver "Lars and the Real Girl", pois para mim o Ryan Gosling é um dos cinco melhores atores de atualidade e parece oferecer outro notável desempenho nesse filme. Abraço!

  7. >I am now going to go watch Lars and The Real Girl. Great review

  8. >Ummm, I really want to see this "Lars and the Real Girl", but I fear it's destiny could be the same of "Half Nelson": unknown in Brasil!But I have hopes in seeing the brilliant Ryan Gosling in what seems to be a very original comedy.Ciao!

  9. >very very cool, thanks for the post! cant' wait to see!http://wendiva.blogspot.com

  10. >I've heard about Lars and the Real Girl before… I hope there's a way to find in Peru!

  11. >Romeika!Só passando para dar um oi!Mil beijos querida!

  12. >i watched LARS and looooooooved it. i loved the score/soundtrack too. do you know who did it?

  13. >Lars and the REal Girl is excellent, I never consider Gosling as a good actor but after this movie I have to watch for his future films, the films looks a little like the Wes Anderson Films and a little like P.T. Anderson (Not considering "There Will BE Blood") and a little like Max Opüls; but Gillespie's direction is great (his best at the date), maybe he can do it better for his next films (he release the same year "Mr. Woodcock" which is a extremely ordinary comedy), also, I love Emily Mortimer, since i saw her in Elizabeth back in 1998 I get in live with her.The Other film I hav not see it, maybe I give it a chance but I think that it could be a little boring.Cheers from this side of the world.

  14. >Quero muito ver Lars and the Real Girl! Parece ótimo!I love your movie reviews!!!

  15. >lars and the real girl was very funy. it's strange how you begin to care for lars, even knowing the situation is silly. but it's about caring for one another, and i think some small towns are like that. at least, i hope they are.

  16. >Thank you so much dear! Now, I just have to watch Lars and the Real Girl! I cannot wait! Seriously, you do the best film reviews – they never fail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. >Kamila, se nao estrear, passa la em casa que meu irmao tem esse filme;-) Vinicius, o Gosling eh o meu favorito desses atores jovens. Tb gosto muito do Paul Dano. Abs!Copperoranges, I don't know, but I'm sure you can find some info on imdb.A.R, you saw a lot more in this film than me (PT Anderson?!?) hehe I love Emily as well, she's so great in it.

  18. >Ryan Gosling was fantastic in LATRG! He was so utterly convincing, and the plot was so bizarre but sweet at the same time.

  19. >Oi Romeika, vejo que continua vendo filmes bons, estou doido para ver esse Lars…gosto muito da Patricia e da Emily.

  20. >Oi Romeika!Tudo bem?Estou doido pra ver esse LARS AND THE REAL GIRL. Pena que não chega por aqui…O Ryan Gosling é um grande ator! Espero que ele continue fazendo bons filmes.Bjs!Bjs!

  21. >I guess in order for the script writers to churn out a story as compelling as 24 Bars, they would have to be in the shoes of the characters or at least get to know real life people who have went through such challenges in life~I've caught this movie and although the acting were great ( everyone was in character); it just seemed to lack that bit of. spark~

  22. >I loved Lars and the Real Girl! it was so good.

  23. >Penelope, maybe you're right, that's why some say one should write about that thing one really knows.. It might be the case. Sarah, it makes me happy you do;-)

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