>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 7


Titanic (1997) – Jack & Rose

If you jump, I jump, right?

7 Comments to “>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 7”

  1. >I am not a big fan of Titanic, but I really love Kate Winslet, almost in every role that she plays since Heavenly Creatures to Little children; on the other side I beleieve that Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor that needs a rigid director (like Lasse Hallström in What's Eating Gilber Grape or Martin Scorsesse in the recent films) and Sam Mendes can bring DiCaprio to a excelent performance; I'm really waiting to see Revolutionary Road this end of year.Cheers to you

  2. >Você sabe que não sou fã de "Titanic", mas esta cena é até bonitinha!Bom final de semana!

  3. >A.R., I totally agree, that's why Kate Winslet is a genious actress, she's a natural talent who stands out in every single part she's ever played, she doesn't need a great director behind to give a stunning performance. I never thought of DiCaprio through this point of view, but it does make a lot of sense what you're saying.Kamila, bonitinha?!? Eh emocionante pra dizer o minimo. A musica, a camera lenta, a expressao de "nunca o verei de novo" no rosto da Kate Winslet… Bom fds tb! 🙂

  4. >Magnificent! A sensational scene from one of the best movies of all time! No exageration xD!I love every second, and this is just pure movie magic bliss.Thanks and Ciao!

  5. >Kate Winslet is really talented! She has that classic beauty and can really perform to show her personality xxxxxxxxxx

  6. >I just saw Titanic again a couple of weeks ago after more than 10 years and I still cried. It's such a beautiful film and Kate Winslet is just perfect in every take!

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