>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 4


The Village (2004) – Ivy Walker & Lucius Hunt

When we are married, will you dance with me? I find dancing very agreeable. Why can you not say what is in your head?

Why can you not stop saying what is in yours? Why must you lead, when I want to lead? If I want to dance I will ask you to dance. If I want to speak I will open my mouth and speak. Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further. Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time I wake? What good can come from my saying that I sometimes cannot think clearly or do my work properly? What gain can rise of my telling you the only time I feel fear as others do is when I think of you in harm? That is why I am on this porch, Ivy Walker. I fear for your safety before all others. And yes, I will dance with you on our wedding night.

37 Comments to “>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 4”

  1. >Romeika, eu AMO esse filme!!! E essa cena é simplesmente maravilhosa. Bom final de semana!

  2. >mUITO bom Romeika!!!Mil beijos!!!

  3. >thank you for the commentthe good new is that i'm gonna add some 50-80 photos tonighti hope you'll like themyou do a very orignal work herehow so ?ps : if you want to switch link, be my guest !Kamelstreet style romancer in paris

  4. >Romeika,Obrigada pelas palavras, vou postar sim! Os efeitos são no photoshop…que na verdade estou aprendendo a trabalhar com ele. Vc sabe, como jornalista, sempre nos damos melhor com as palavras que com programas de desenho….heheheEspero que encontre a calça que procura quando vir, ficará linda em vc!!!Muitos beijos!!!

  5. >Como já comentei outra vez, "A Vila" é o filme que menos gosto do M. Night Shyamalan. Ainda assim acho que o roteiro é muito bom e sem dúvida essa é a melhor cena do filme, emocionante!Abraço.

  6. >So sweet! For all its faults (and there were a number in The Village for me at least) the speech was often very poetic and wonderful. Why can't people speak like this every day? Why do we feel the constant urge to abbreviate and disembowel our sentences?

  7. >What's interessting is that when this movie first came out, I found myself the only one who liked it, and peole just criticized me. Now I find so many people who – like me – love it. Shyamalan is genious and this is a beautiful film, in structure, sound, estetics, ensemble and fascinating in it's personal story of love, society and violence.Great Romeika!Ciao!ps: Thomas Newton Howard is brilliant!

  8. >You don't have to ask.We aren't friends,we're lovers. When the musicstarts, I expect you to dancewith me. When it stops,I'll walk back to the tablewith you, lean against your shoulderand cry because I'm afraidof the silence.Don't fill the silenceby asking me to dance again.

  9. >love it!!! Your blog is wonderful and I would love to do a link exchange with you, what do you say? Please come by my blog when you have the time!

  10. >Another movie I really want to watch. Your blog makes it easy to go to the movie store!

  11. >This post is super poetic! I feel I'm in love… my dear! Thank you such a romantic post!

  12. >nice moment there! Very touching.

  13. >Essa é uma boa cena, o Joaquim tá cada vez melhor ator.

  14. >Wally, I agree with u in everything u said!Seraphine, you're a poet;-)Fashion Addict: Thanks!, and sure, we can trade links.Thank u all for the comments!

  15. >do you want me to send you an umbrella ?lolnow it's your turn to show us that people's around can be stylish under the rain !héhéKamelstreet style romancer in Paris

  16. >thanks for adding my link!

  17. >Today is a holiday.It's Memorial Day,where we rememberpeople who die in wars.Every year, there aremore to remember.

  18. >Love is a many splendor thing…

  19. >A cena é sensacional, Romeika! Shyamalan é um gênio. O problema é que nós dissemos isso e ele acreditou. Ou seja, espero que THE HAPPENING não seja um LADY IN THE WATER.Bjs!

  20. >It's on my list of next movies to watch

  21. >Adoro esse filme também, e faço das palavras do Otávio, sobre Shyamalan, as minhas. Abraço!

  22. >I love this movie! They are such a cute couple. Romanyxx

  23. >It wasn't the greatest film, but it certainly had its moments. And Bryce Dallas Howard looked lovely..

  24. >is that a quote from the movie? oh…it's a wonderful quote. im going to copy it down in my quote book.

  25. >Somehow, I found out what the twist for this movie was before I saw it. I think that was actually a good thing since my expectations weren't all over the place. And I really loved this scene. It struck me as so close to how many men & women approach love.

  26. >hi romeika! so long since i last posted here! unfortunately i dont like this director's films with the exception of 'the 6th sense'. but anyway, i'm making a new poll and i need suggestion, could yuo post any on my blog?that would be lovely.a big kiss!

  27. >Otavio, eu gosto de "Lady in the Water", mas tb tenho minhas duvidas quanto a "The Happening". Nao gosto do Mark Whalberg, e o trailer nao me impressionou muito. Mas ainda tenho minhas expectativas, afinal, sou uma fan do Shyamalan. Bjs!Cotton Candy: yes, it's from the movie, you can see it on the video. ^.^Ambika, I also saw it coming, but it wouldn't blow it for me even if I didn't, as there's more about his films than unexpectated ends or thrilling moments (like the film was wrongly sold). For me it's all about love above all, and it seems that for u too?Miss Scarlett: Gonna check it soon! kiss back!Thank you for the comments! Sorry for the delay on answering.. and for the lack of posts.

  28. >I must add you to my blog reader, as you combine two of my favorite things: cinema & fashion! Lovely. It's nice to see the diversity and personalization.

  29. >I loved Lucius's character in this. I'm into silent men =)

  30. >Now the weather is turning nice, and you don't have time to blog anymore? I can't wait for winter again.I'm just teasing you. I wanted to say hi and give you a hug today.

  31. >Ashe, it's always nice to find a new reader that enjoys both of these subjects!! hehe Meg, and Joaquim Phoenix gives such a great performance:-) But I'm not into silent men, or silent people at all hahaSeraphine, I know, sorry for the lack of updates:-( But the sunny and warm weather has a little to do with it, indeed.. I spend my indoors time mostly at school, or at home, studying danish for example.. I know it's a long day (it gets dark around 10PM now), but you just wanna enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I'll try to change this situation soon! Hugs back:-)

  32. >I'll see you in a couple of weeks then, i'll be on holiday. I hope I can find an internet cafe along the way. 🙂 I'm glad you're well! artig bye.

  33. >Hey Romeika. Are you interested in designing? If so, check out my blog for details to a great contest.

  34. >heey! my first time here, but i loved your blog! the last entry is fantastic, from that director i loved also the sixth sense, it was great. and the title you used is from moulin rouge! so cute!nice to meet you 😉

  35. >Seraphine, have a nice holiday!;-)Fashion Ivy, I'm not really interested in this, but I'll check your post soon!Scarllet_Style: nice to meet u too, hope you come back often!

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