>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 3


Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Pride can stand a thousand trials/The strong will never fall/But watching stars without you my soul cried/Heaving heart is full of pain/Oh, oh, the aching/Cause, I’m kissing you oh/I’m kissing you oh/Touch me deep, pure and true gift to me forever/Cause, I’m kissing you/Oh, I’m kissing you, oh/Where are you now?/Where are you now?/Cause, I’m kissing you

9 Comments to “>Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing – Part 3”

  1. >Não consigo gostar desse filme….

  2. >Ah, I have been thinking of seeing this movie again lately…it's been so long.

  3. >wow I love R&J! the shakespeare, the zeferelli version (leonard whiting was a hottie haha ;), shakespeare in love, and most definitely baz lurhman's version! it was such a unique concept and one that was executed rather well, the way they did the ending was so tragic, but poignant. and the music was definitely used to its full effect as in this scene. amazing to see the young claire & leo. man, i need to watch this movie again.

  4. >I just downloaded this movie!!! Going to watch it soon when i get my hands off from work.

  5. >It's so good you like this movie too. I love it. What Luhrmann did was audacious, brave and original. The movie is all extasy. I think the only weak thing is the performance from the two leads, but the rest is brilliant. The visual e especially the soundtrack, one of my favorites. This moment is extremely memorable.Ciao!

  6. >Jayne, Baz Lurhman's version is my fav too. I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare in Love, and neither the Zefirelli traditional version of this classic.Wally, the time I saw this film, I wasn't bothered by the acting. These days, however, I don't find Leonardo very appealing, but I like Danes' performance. This song is wonderful! And it's my fav moment of the film.Thank u for the comments:-)

  7. >Best romantic scene and song ever! I still tear up whenever I watch this movie.

  8. >Gosto muito de "Romeu + Julieta", esse filme marcou minha adolescência. A cena é linda, só o Baz Luhrmann mesmo para fazer algo tão bonito.

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