>Meme: Underrated Movies


Three weeks ago I received a meme from fellow blogger Vinícius, about listing five films which I consider underrated. It should be films which I really love, but didn’t achieve great recognition neither by awards nor movie critics, which considered them only ok or average. I based my list on the Rotten Tomatoes average rating, so here it is:

The Village (2004) – RT Average Rating: 5.5/10

My favourite M. Night Shyamalan film wasn’t even well received by the average theaters audience. Why? Perhaps the fact the movie was advertized as a horror/thriller film from the beggining contributed to the mass of disappointment. Nevertheless, I knew Shyamalan always delivers much more than just scary thrilling scenes, and so The Village was a pleasant surprise to watch, besides presenting us to the talented and charismatic Bryce Dallas Howard.

The End of the Affair (1999) – RT Average Rating: 6.7/10

One of my favourite love stories ever told through the big screen was directed by Neil Jordan. The classic impossible love, this time stopped by a very peculiar cause: the faith in God. Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes are a reason enough to see this film, besides its beautiful soundtrack and cinematography, and of course, the script.

Marie Antoinette (2006) – RT Average Rating: 6/10

I guess MA’s biggest lovers are girls, from teenagers to 20-year old women. Among this group, Sofia Coppola‘s film was hugely accepted, whereas most of the critics (should I say 50-year-old men? Just kidding), hated it. It’s indeed a movie to love or to hate, no matter if you’re male or female and how old you are. Completely snobbed in last year’s Academy Awards (it only won the very well deserved award for best costume design, which was also its only nomination), this film deserved much more. While some say Sofia repeats and emulates herself film after film, I’d say she grows on the development of a single theme.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) – RT Average Rating: 6.6/10

I’d say this is one – if not the one – favourite film of mine directed by Steven Spielberg. The idea of the film was previously embraced by Stanley Kubrick himself (do I need to say genious?), and so its final result became two things in between, the mixture of the rational and the emotional, that in my opinion, only added positive elements in the story. If the film had only the Kubrickesque touch, I doubt I’d have cried by its end.

The Others (2001) – RT Average Rating: 7.2/10

Perhaps the talented chilenian director Alejandro Amenábar decided to pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock in this psychological and supernatural thriller that provokes as many discussions as goosebumps on the skin of those who see it. After all, Nicole Kidman has a sort of 1950s hairdo and her character is named Grace (like Miss Kelly, Hitch’s fav actress). An original plot, many intelligent hints, an unexpected twist and above all, a bitter and heart-breaking conclusion; nevertheless, it hasn’t yet been fully appreciated.

32 Comments to “>Meme: Underrated Movies”

  1. >Romeika, adoro os cinco filmes listados por você. Inclusive, pensei em selecionar "Fim de Caso" para a minha lista, mas usei um critério diferente do seu: filmes que não foram indicados ao Oscar. Afinal, este é considerado o reconhecimento máximo do mundo do cinema.Bom final de semana!

  2. >The list is interesting: I like Others enaogh (though I think that Amanabar's gretest films were his first two in spain), and Marie Antoniete I liked (I hated the sountrack but I like the movie and the treatment) and I have a priblem with the remakes that's the issue with "the end of the Affair" i like better the original movie (even with Julianne Moore that I love); the other two films I did like nothing of them, The village were predictable and manipulative and I hate what Spielber did with A.I. (again, I read the original Brian Aldis Movie and the first sript play by Kubrik) I hate the last hour of the movie and I hate the editor of this peace.Interesting, maybe I can think of something similar to do.Chears to you.

  3. >Adorei suas escolhas, realmente são todos ótimos filmes que foram um pouco esquecidos. O que menos gosto é "A Vila" (como já comentei em outras oportunidades), mas ainda assim é um belo trabalho do Shyamalan. Todos os demais ganharam 5 estrelas na minha cotação, sendo "Fim de Caso" meu preferido.

  4. >I quite liked MA. I think sometimes people want dialogue/drama and can't just appreciate how a film makes you feel or the visual stunningness.

  5. >Kamila, realmente, todos da minha lista, com excecao de "Os Outros", eu acho, foram ao menos indicados ao Oscar em alguma (as) categoria (as). MA inclusive ganhou um Oscar.Bom fds! (ja ta no fim hehe)A.R, I'd like to see the original "The End of the Affair", since I love the "remake". Many people dislike A.I for this very same reason.. And pls, consider yourself tagged, I'd love to see you list! Cheers back.Vinicius, acho que eu devo ser uma das poucas pessoas que AMA "A Vila", filme que prefiro inclusive a "O Sexto Sentido".The Clothes Horse: My interest in MA goes beyond the visual stunningness, but it has to do on how I love Sofia's films.

  6. >Romeika, acabei de assistir o vídeo de "Titanic" e me acabei de rir, principalmente com a parte do musical! Fantástico!

  7. >i love marie antoinette and you're exactly right, maybe the pudgy (from excessive popcorn & candy) introverted middleaged male critic ( i know you meant it as a joke, but half of them really are- my local movie critic is definitely the stereotype haha- i've met him once- let's just say his personality shines thru the reviews… 😉 doesn't like the film, but every one of my friends saw it and loved it- even those who usually only like movies w/ shirtless men or people who loathe kirsten. its one of those films that definitely grows on you. sofia is genius!

  8. >Kamila, eu ri muito na parte que ele digita "Rose Dewitt.." no google kkkkkkkkk Tem um bem engracado tb, de "O Chamado", transformado num drama lacrimejante *lol*Jayne, cool you mention this about Kirsten, since I'm not a big fan of her work either, but I truly loved her acting in MA, and in "The Virgin Suicides" as well. Sofia definitely takes the best out of Kirsten.

  9. >Excepcional list! Actually, I thought of putting some of them in mine, like The Others, and it just hit me how dumb I was for not putting Marie Antoinette, propably one of the most misunderstood movies ever. The Village was in my list. And although I love AI, I find War of the Worlds to be more underestimated.The End of the Affair I haven't seen yet. But I love Neil Jordan cinema.Ciao!

  10. >I really loved The Village and Marie Antoinette. They were really great

  11. >Romeika, e o nome da sequência é criativo demais: "Titanic – Two the Surface". Vi nos vídeos relacionados que existe essa brincadeira com vários outros títulos. Depois, com mais tempo, vou dar uma olhada neles.

  12. >I dreaded Marie Antoinette. It bothered me for some reason. Too pretentious, in my opinion. But many people I know absolutely loved it.

  13. >Wally, thanks! Gonna check out ur list soon ^^Fashion Ivy, cool u think so too!Kamila, eh muito bem bolado mesmo ^^ Quando tiver tempo, veja os de "O Chamado", "Top Gun", tem ateh "Taxi Driver" hehe Rita, I think it was absolutely the contrary, I think she wasn't trying so hard while directing that film, not in this sense.. But I'm curious to know, how do you mean pretentious..? You mean the boldness on "reducing" MA historical figure in a teenager or so? Pls, tell me some more:-)

  14. >Hi! I agree with you on MA and The Others. Nice meme

  15. >Love this post. I add you to my links!

  16. >I thought the 1998 version of Great Expectations (directed by Alfonso Cuaron) gets quite unfairly slated by a lot of critics…but it's one of my favourite movies. Again, one with a perfect soundtrack..

  17. >Blue Floppy Hat: I love this film, and it was extremely underrated, it could easily take place on this list. Love Cuaron's cinema.

  18. >Romeika, mais um voto para AI, se fosse eleição ele ganharia disparado.O Fim de Caso foi sucesso, merecidamente alias.

  19. >Olá Romeika!estás nos meus links do dia!beijos e abraços!!!

  20. >I really liked Marie Antoinette.Although i have probably watched it too many times now 🙂

  21. >the others for me is "aterrorizantemente delicioso" e I. A. é super triste…mas amei os dois ;)mil beijos!

  22. >oi, vi q vc curte cinema, musica e livros, queria te convidar pra visitar meu blog, q é sobre isso!!bejos =*

  23. >The Others was a brilliant film, it was a perfectly executed creepy suspense film, and the role was perfect for The Ice Queen aka Nicole Kidman. When I saw The Village for the first time earlier this year, I wasn't expecting that much because everyone seems to slate Shamalayan for always resorting to a 'surprise' twist ending, but I think he pulled it off, if the twist is disappointing then the whole film goes to pot, but it was unexpected for me so I quite liked it. But my favourite Coppola film is, and always will be The Virgin Suicides =)

  24. >i haven't seen "the village" so i can't say much about that…but i saw marie antoinette and i liked the costume very much, though i can't say the film convinced me. marie antoinette was executed, and that's mostly what she was famous for, and it wasn't even in the film! the film ended as some kind of soap opera where you are awaiting the next series!artificial intelligence sounds interesting, i definitely have to watch it.i don't like nicole kidman, but i sure like her hair in the others ^^

  25. >Cassiano, "Fim de Caso" foi sucesso, como assim, entre criticos e premiacoes?Kira, valeu pelo link!Meg, the lack of a real twist in "The Village" must have been another reason why people disliked it. TVS is my fav Coppola film too!:-) And in a way it was sort of underrated as well.Cate, interesting point of view on MA hehe, the soap opera comparisson, I hadn't heard anything of the sort before:-p

  26. >Sua lista é ótima! Só não vi "The Village". Mas agora preciso ver!O filme "Fim de Caso" é apaixonante, o "Os Outros" é sensacional, e "Maria Antonieta" é lindíssomo!Você tem um ótimo gosto para filmes, além de entender sobre o assunto!

  27. >1. Never Been Kissed2. Blue Crush3. Almost Famous4. Same Time Next Year5. BigFive movies I enjoyed that I can remember. Most of the time, I see a movie and forget the next day what I saw. I remember these.

  28. >Romeika,querida,obrigada pelos comments!como está a vida por aí?muito estudo?espero que sim,mil beijos

  29. >i really liked the village, tho all my friends hated it! it wasnt supposed to be scarry – i agree! loved the others too. nicole is an immpecable actress and loved the twisted ending.and obviously i loved marie antoinette (which most of my friends hated again). it was perfection!

  30. >A.I. is one of the most adorable and dramatic movie from Spielberg. my favorite after ET.

  31. >Carolina, obrigada!!!! 😉Seraphine, I really really like "Never Been Kissed", I never get tired of watching it whenever it's on TV. It was also one of my fav films that year (1999?), it deserved more recognition!Kira, muito estudo, a luta de sempre hehe beijos!Thanks for all comments!

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