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April 11, 2008

>Meme: Underrated Movies


Three weeks ago I received a meme from fellow blogger Vinícius, about listing five films which I consider underrated. It should be films which I really love, but didn’t achieve great recognition neither by awards nor movie critics, which considered them only ok or average. I based my list on the Rotten Tomatoes average rating, so here it is:

The Village (2004) – RT Average Rating: 5.5/10

My favourite M. Night Shyamalan film wasn’t even well received by the average theaters audience. Why? Perhaps the fact the movie was advertized as a horror/thriller film from the beggining contributed to the mass of disappointment. Nevertheless, I knew Shyamalan always delivers much more than just scary thrilling scenes, and so The Village was a pleasant surprise to watch, besides presenting us to the talented and charismatic Bryce Dallas Howard.

The End of the Affair (1999) – RT Average Rating: 6.7/10

One of my favourite love stories ever told through the big screen was directed by Neil Jordan. The classic impossible love, this time stopped by a very peculiar cause: the faith in God. Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes are a reason enough to see this film, besides its beautiful soundtrack and cinematography, and of course, the script.

Marie Antoinette (2006) – RT Average Rating: 6/10

I guess MA’s biggest lovers are girls, from teenagers to 20-year old women. Among this group, Sofia Coppola‘s film was hugely accepted, whereas most of the critics (should I say 50-year-old men? Just kidding), hated it. It’s indeed a movie to love or to hate, no matter if you’re male or female and how old you are. Completely snobbed in last year’s Academy Awards (it only won the very well deserved award for best costume design, which was also its only nomination), this film deserved much more. While some say Sofia repeats and emulates herself film after film, I’d say she grows on the development of a single theme.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) – RT Average Rating: 6.6/10

I’d say this is one – if not the one – favourite film of mine directed by Steven Spielberg. The idea of the film was previously embraced by Stanley Kubrick himself (do I need to say genious?), and so its final result became two things in between, the mixture of the rational and the emotional, that in my opinion, only added positive elements in the story. If the film had only the Kubrickesque touch, I doubt I’d have cried by its end.

The Others (2001) – RT Average Rating: 7.2/10

Perhaps the talented chilenian director Alejandro Amenábar decided to pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock in this psychological and supernatural thriller that provokes as many discussions as goosebumps on the skin of those who see it. After all, Nicole Kidman has a sort of 1950s hairdo and her character is named Grace (like Miss Kelly, Hitch’s fav actress). An original plot, many intelligent hints, an unexpected twist and above all, a bitter and heart-breaking conclusion; nevertheless, it hasn’t yet been fully appreciated.