>When music defines a film piece


Decades before Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant, just to name a few filmmakers, the brilliant Mike Nichols knew like no one else how to transform a song or two in a present character in his films. A song would become a character’s personality extension or even the entire film’s soul, it would feel so powerful that neither dialogues nor editing cuts would be necessary to comprehend a scene or the character’s feelings and personal motivations. Seeing Benjamin Braddock with contemporary eyes, I can almost interpret him as a male version of Sofia’s typical characters. Or could Charlotte be a modern female version of Benjamin?

30 Comments to “>When music defines a film piece”

  1. >great post! i love reading things like this and with a video this great!

  2. >What's the song being played at the very beginning of the video? I loved it.♥

  3. >Tinsley, thanks!Aisha, it's Simon and Garfunkel's version for "Scarborough Fair". Wonderful, isn't it?

  4. >Ooh the video won't work for my computer for some reason. Oh well, I'm sure it was beautiful…You're completely right, though – without music, a movie wouldn't be half what it is. :)Romanyxx

  5. >Wow, i Love this movie and Love Simon and Garfunkel. They are great and it's good to be reminded of such a great film were the music really does make all the diference. And it's great you remembered Coppola. I really think she understands her music. I can't stop heraing the brilliant soundtrack for Marie Antoinette, and then there's "Just Like Honey", the magnificent song that plays in the end of Lost in Translation.But, my favorite use of music in a movie (more soundtrack, since I coundnt pick just one score) is in Donnie Darko, from Richard Kelly. Too bad since the year 2001 he only made one other film, Southland Tales, and it hasn't even arrived here yet.Ciao!

  6. >My favorite modern movies (black and whites are a different fish entirely), are those with beautiful music like this. It really captures the "soul" within the movie and the viewer, if done properly.

  7. >Thanks Romeika for telling me about the song, i had never heard about Simon and Garfunkel until this post, thanks for introducing me to them :)♥

  8. >that's a beautyful songhave a great day!love ur blog

  9. >Wally, Richard Kelly did also a great job with the use of music, Donnie Darko's theme song is unforgettable. And although I like the song that plays in the film opening, I thought it was a little out of place considering the situation. That song was also used in "Girl next door" when Emile Hirch character sees Elisa Cuthbert character for the first time hehe.. ^^Aisha, you're very welcome! I'm sure you'll love their music.Thanks for the comments! 🙂

  10. >Essa cena é tão bonita! "A Primeira Noite de um Homem" é um dos meus filmes favoritos e a trilha é fantástica, até poderia usar alguma das canções da seção de meu blog sobre temas inesquecíveis 😉 Muito bom também o paralelo com alguns filmes mais recentes. Abraço!

  11. >I am really in the mood for a good film so this clip has fed the hole a little!

  12. >Romeika, wich version of Donnie Darko did you see?? The music in the original is really out of place some times, includind in the beginning, but in the directors cut its perfect. It begins with Never Tear Us Apart…I love it.Ciao!

  13. >Benjamin é uma espécie de irmão da MARIA ANTONIETA, eu acho.

  14. >I am ashamed to say I have never seen the graduate. I really want to now after seeing this clip! I love the simon and garfunkel song too.

  15. >Romeika, eu acho a trilha de "A Primeira Noite de um Homem" sensacional. As músicas de Simon e Garfunkel caem perfeitamente com Benjamin Braddock e seus conflitos rumo à maturidade. Essa cena é só um exemplo de como isso funcionou bem no filme.Feliz Páscoa!

  16. >oh, yes, yes. Sooo lovely!I love when soundtracks are obviously produced with care and consideration with the film… a more integral extension of the film rather than just a superficial… soundtrack… really love Angelo Badalamenti's scores for Lynch and cronenberg at the moment…

  17. >thank you this amazing video

  18. >Vinicius, obrigada ^^ E bem que vc poderia colocar uma das cancoes do filme nos seus temas inesqueciveis do blog mesmo. Abs!Coco, cool it did ^^Wally, I must have seen an ordinary version, as the song it's played in its opening is "The Killing Moon" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX1PwkgwsG0), which is a great song but a little out of place in that situation.Anderson, levando em consideracao isso de ter tudo e ao mesmo tempo nada, vc tem razao. Mas vendo pelo lado de dar um passo rumo a maturidade, vejo mais semelhancas com a Charlotte.Kat, hope you get to see it soon!Kamila, eh incrivel como em varios momentos (acho que quase todos) a musica casa perfeitamente com a cena, eh genial. Feliz Pascoa! (aqui ainda eh oficialmente feriado, segunda hehe)Headmistress, I'll pay more attention to their films' soundtrack next time I see any;-) Chloe van Paris, you're welcome ^^

  19. >oh yes! i love when the music takes over for the dialogue or other plot devices! love sophia coppola (obviously lol)cool post 😀

  20. >Nice thoughts Romeika. Why shouldn't music be associated with a film, the same way that color or smell or mood defines a person, at least outwardly. A motif or theme advances the plot and allows the viewer to better understand and identify with the film. It's a shared experience.May I have popcorn with my music please?

  21. >Eu acabei de comentar no blog da Kamila, sobre esse casamento de música com cinema. É de uma perfeição incrivel. E poucos cineastas sabem usar isso, e outros pouquissimos sabem fazer dessa mistura algo inesquecivel. E só "O Maestro" sabe colocar o inesquecivel no sublime da arte.

  22. >Modern Marie, it's great when it suits the story, isn't it?Seraphine, love your comment, especially the remark in the end!! 🙂Cassiano, realmente nao consigo lembrar de muitos que causam essa emocao em mim proporcionada pelo casamento da musica e da imagem. Deve ser um talento (ou sensibilidade) nata que eles possuem.

  23. >Esse filme é maravilhoso! E adoro Simon & Garfunkel. O que me deixa triste é saber que a relação entre música e cinema (que eu considero essencial) anda um tanto desleixada nos dias de hoje.Bjs!

  24. >Otavio, eh verdade, e como o Cassiano bem comentou sao raros os cineastas que fazem dessa mistura algo unico. Tb adoro Simon & Garfunkel. Bjs!

  25. >Olá Romeika!Finalmente fiz aquela viagem que tinha te falado para Buenos Aires, até postei algumas fotos da viagem…dá uma olhada, talvez goste :)beijos e abraços.Kira

  26. >romeika, querida,que bom que gostou :)lá só fez frio mesmo por dois dias, os outros estavam quentes, quase como aqui no nosso país :)mil beijinhos e abraços,Kira

  27. >Adoro o filme e a música é linda!

  28. >I always hated the way Mrs Robinson was portrayed as a villain in the film, nevertheless I agree with you that the music was excellent – Headmistress makes a good point with Angelo Badalamenti, he's one of my favourite film composers, Tom Twyker is also great!

  29. >Hey great blog. Would u like to link?

  30. >Good choices, I also think Wes Anderson did a good job with the Royal Tennebaums.

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