>"I promise, I’ll come back for you. I promise, I’ll never leave you."


Anthony Minghella, the british filmmaker who directed The English Patient*, The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain died yesterday. I remember the movie starred by Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas was one of my first big screen crushes, back in early 1997 when I saw it. I wouldn’t forget the film for weeks and would always talk about it, for the terror of my female friends, who didn’t turn as passionate about it as I did. I still remember that late night week session, when my dad, my brother and I entered in a room that no longer exists, just a couple of minutes before the film started, and got some seats in one of the first theater rows. That film felt bigger than life, not only in images, but in words. Katharine and Almásy’s tragic love story is one of those cinematic tales that will always be remembered.

*Has anyone read the novel?

21 Comments to “>"I promise, I’ll come back for you. I promise, I’ll never leave you."”

  1. >Romeika, eu não era fã dos filmes do Minghella, mas concordo com tudo o que você disse a respeito de "O Paciente Inglês". Esse é um filme que será sempre lembrado.

  2. >Eu sou fã do O Paciente Inglês, adorei o "paralelo" que fez com a frase e a morte do Minguella.

  3. >Actually, I read the novel, but it didn't make a big impression on me, to be honest, all I remember is that I found it somehow "tasteless" compared to the film. And yes, I remember seeing the film back in 1996 in a small independent cinema in London. The following day I returned to see it again…

  4. >I'm really sad to hear of his death, my favorite movie from him is the talented mr ripley, matt damon was amazing in it!

  5. >Talvez seja o filme que marcou a carreira do Minghella, mas ainda assim prefiro "O Talentoso Ripley" e especialmente "Cold Mountain" – que merecia até mais destaque no Oscar, na minha opinião. De qualquer forma são três belos filmes que mostram como o diretor irá fazer falta ao cinema.Abraço!

  6. >Adoro seus comentários sobre filmes, acho que você entende bem do assunto.Adorei as fotos das difentes estações, é incrível ver a diferença!

  7. >Your progressive pictures are lovely.Movies that make you feel are the real draw of cinema. They aren't making enough of these lately.

  8. >hmm i haven't as many movies as his as I should have haha, but i do remember how disturbing ripley was. it was one of those films where i couldn't decide whether to turn it off because it was so weird or keep watching because it was so weird, i obviously kept watching 🙂

  9. >I didn't read the novel, no.I love the clouds in your pics. Big fluffy clouds in spring are awesome.

  10. >Kamila, certamente, esse eh pra galeria dos eternos.Cassiano, valeu!Grinda, I'd have loved to have returned to that same theater the next day. Interesting what you said about the novel, it's remarkable how in many cases the film adaptation is better.Jen, Matt Damon was indeed amazing, and so was Jude Law and Cate Blanchett.. It's a great film, isn't it?Vinicius, sei bem do seu amor por "Cold Mountain", que tb tem suas qualidades. Abs!Oi Carolina, que bom que vc gosta dos posts sobre filmes;-) Essas fotos foram ontem, em diferentes horarios, mas bem que da uma ilusao de inverno, primavera e verao heheThe Clothes Horse, you're so right, movies like that are rarer and rarer these days, which is awful.Jayne, Ripley was quite intriguing and therefore, so fascinating. I didn't know if I should love or hate the character.Seraphine, I love the clouds too. Longing to see more days like that.

  11. >Even if many dislikes it, I countinue loving it. Maybe it didn't deserve all its 9 Oscars, after all, the last time I saw the movie was more or less 3 years ago, and I was 13 years-old. But even though, the fact that I still remember it vividly has to be a good thing.It's sad he had to go so soon. And that dialogue right up there makes it ease to think that Atonement probably pays homage to the epic romance of Minghella.Ciao!

  12. >Wally, that quotation does make one think of "Atonement", indeed. You're so right in your observation!

  13. >Ah, Ralph Fiennes is so sexy……

  14. >I adore this movie. The first time I saw it – it really struck a chord and I couldn't forget it for days. Scott Thomas remains to be one of my fave actresses after watching this. I think I might watch it again this weekend.

  15. >It's a shame his dead, I beleive that hos masterpiece is "Play" based on a Samuel Beckett book, which I have the fortune to see in Sweden in 2003 in a Beckett Festival; also I see it in the DVD Release a year before, unfortunately I didn't have any money to buy it and until now I forgot about it, it would be my next "amazon buy".If you can see this movie is great (specially for Becket fan favorite), also see Breaking and entering which was a low distributed movie, fortunately here in México it arrived the same year that it was released and his DVD's are in a very low price.PD.- the pictures are great. Cheers

  16. >I don't think I've seen The English Patient, is that awful of me?I love the photos and how the disappearing snow!

  17. >A.R., thanks for the recommendation, I haven't seen it. And as for "Breaking and Entering", I saw it in the movie last year, and it was such a disappointment, I didn't like it..

  18. >this is so sad, I love The English Patient 😦

  19. >I actually read the book for a class and through dissecting it, and the differences between it and the movie, came to appreciate it a lot more.

  20. >Ambika, who knows I'd like the book, then? Thanks for sharing ur opinion.

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