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16-year old Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) is incredibly articulated, independent and mature for her young age, she’s smart and when she speaks, she sounds like a sub-machine gun that shoots words. She decides she’s ready to lose her virginity, and the chosen one is a dorky/taciturn kind that goes in the same school she does. After one single sexual experience, Juno gets pregnant. And from this very point my disbelief for the Oscar winner Diablo Cody‘s script and the entire film started. Some might say that a plot of this kind is as realistic as any other real life story, as that’s how teenagers are: they can be surprisingly mature in some life aspects, and totally clueless in other situations. Yes, maybe it’s true, but in Juno’s case, it didn’t work for me. I just had the impression the screenwriter wanted to create an original story about undesired pregnancy, but she went so further in her imagination that knocked up the wrong sort of character.
The fake feeling kept going in Juno’s entrance to an abortion clinic, where dorky asian students protest in the outside claiming that the thing inside her belly has fingernails, and receptionists from the inside offer fruit-scented condoms that makes you-know-what smell like pie. Juno, then, decides to carry the thing for nine months and give it to adoption. She also tells the truth to her father and step-mother, who despite being surprised and shocked, supports her decision and don’t go into any further questions. In the next second, the perfect future adoptive parents appear, although it’s clear that the father-to-be doesn’t feel as comfortable about becoming a parent as his wife (Jennifer Garner, at last a real character). Life goes on like it’s always been, and Juno hardly suffers with hormonal and psychological transformations, after all, she’s a tough brat, something that will be stated by the time she gives birth.
In theory terms, it’s nevertheless original to pick a controversial/dramatic/serious theme and deal with it in a soft manner, like in a comedy. This idea has originated real master pieces, like the italian film La vita è bella, and in more recent times, very good films like the less bold Little Miss Sunshine, which has been unfairly compared to Juno. However, Cody’s originality sounded and felt too forced on screen, from the characters’ dialogues to the consequences of their actions. Besides, her potential-original material was often ruined by the cliche and sometimes mediocre directing by Jason Reitman, who should have learnt that spring, summer, autumn and winter in contemporary cinematic terms only truly enhanced a single film’s storytelling, that happened to be asian. Another aspect of Juno’s personality and hasty dialogues that made her even more unreal was the fact Juno was nothing but Diablo Cody herself, after all, the edgy teen often mentions pop icons that do not belong to her time (thundercats?!?). The best about this film, that overall is not bad (far from it, I even laughed in some moments), is its non-original soundtrack, which fits characters and situations like a glove, besides concealing Reitman’s filmmaking flaws.

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  1. >Senti uma má vibraçao sobre o filme meu anjo … acho que não gostasse não … ou preciso treinar um pouco o ingreis que tá maus …beijos e abraços

  2. >Hehehe. Sabe que eu gostei bastante? Quer dizer, não é um filme perfeito, mas me diverti muito e fiquei apaixonado pelas personagens – com destaque para a Ellen Page e a Jennifer Garner (injustamente esquecida nas premiações). O absurdo foi a indicação para melhor diretor no Oscar, mas acho que mereceu o reconhecimento quanto ao roteiro – talvez o melhor aspecto.Abraço!

  3. >hmm I was wondering if you were ever going to get a chance to see this because I was interested in your opinion. and finally here it is!it's interesting getting your perspective, because unlike you, I did like Juno, but unlike half of America, I didn't love it either! To me, there were many things that "worked"- all of the characters were likable (well except for jason bateman @ the end haha) and cody didn't short any of them on snappy dialogue so they all got to partake in the fun- they also were all well acted, it had a cute indie soundtrack which fit the nutty mood of the film well, and there are some truly hilarious parts. but what didn't "work": at the beginning cody's snappy dialogue is almost too much to handle and you can tell cody knows she's clever so it's a bit irritating how arrogant she is, you're right- if Juno is so "smart" why does she have unsafe sex!?, also although a lot of people have complained real teens to speak that way (well 1- it's a movie! 2- the average teenager may be an idiot, but that's not everyone!) I do agree she makes a lot of random weird popculture references that aren't from her time at all

  4. >sorry major typo in my comment- in the part where I wrote "also although a lot of people have complained real teens…." i meant that real teens DON'T speak that way, sorry I reread my comment and realize that made no sense haha

  5. >I really enjoyed this review. I thought the film was overrated, it was good, just not great.

  6. >Romeika, como você sabe, eu gostei muito de "Juno". Mas, concordo com você a respeito do Jason Reitman. Eu acho que a qualidade do filme independe da direção dele. No final, o que importa aqui é o valor do roteiro, das atuações e da trilha sonora.

  7. >I just didn't care for it and I think you articulated exactly what bothered me about it.

  8. >I thought the supporting actress was gorgeous!

  9. >agree with you totally on this – I finally sank and got wheeled into seeing this but found it okish, but pretty irritating on the whole, for the reasons you've mentioned… after a short while it started to feel like a bad sitcom – it felt overdone, trying to be overly witty, and failing. I'm sure Ellen Page will go on to better things, but I found her so annoying in this!

  10. >Joao, eu ateh gostei do filme, que pelo menos como comedia funciona no geral, so nao morri de amores por ele. Abs!Vinicius, acho que a identificacao com a historia e os personagens fizeram muita gente amar o filme. Eu nao me identifiquei… Mas pra minha surpresa a minha atuacao favorita foi a da Jennifer Garner (quem diria!), ainda que tenha gostado bastante do nucleo familiar da Juno. E a indicacao pra melhor direcao foi um baita erro… O Sean Penn merecia muito mais, por exemplo. Abs!Jayne, I did like the film!:-) But I didn't love it either. I didn't even like Ellen Page's character, I even found her annoying in some moments, and even insensitive, perhaps due to her "immature" side. But coming back to that post about good female roles, I agree she's a positive female portrait in the movies overrall. And I agree with you on the things that "didn't work". 😉The Clothes Horse, exactly, it was good, but just not worth it all that talking and awards.Kamila, acho que com uma direcao diferente eu poderia ateh ter gostado mais de "Juno", mas ainda desconfio, pois tb tive problemas com o roteiro e achei a propria protagonista superestimada. Gostei mais da atuacao dos pais dela e da Garner.notsocrafty.com, and it got 4 Oscar nominations:-SGloria, which supporting actress? If you mean Garner, she's indeed a pretty lady ^^headmistress, maybe that's Juno's biggest problem: everyone is trying so hard to be cool, Diablo especially. I found Page annoying too hehe ^^

  11. >Mas dé uma olhadinha no meu blog sobre o filme e dé uma mais uma chance … please … ehehehbeijos e abraços

  12. >João, li o seu texto, realmente diferimos em alguns aspectos, mas como eu disse ao Vinícius, acho que é uma questão de identificação. Só uma revisita ao filme pra saber se a minha opinião a respeito do mesmo mudará.

  13. >mas foi por isso mesmo que só fiz a resenha depois de ter visto o filme por algumas vezes (8) e se eu estivesse escrevido de primeira, não sairia tão bem assimreveja …

  14. >i agree with clothes horse: it was a really good movie, it wasnt extraordinary to me, but i want to watch it again! the soundtrack was the best part tho hehe

  15. >Joao, Deus-me-livre de ver "Juno" oito vezes, ainda mais com os precos dos ingressos de cinema aqui. Se for pra rever um filme recente no cinema, seria o emocionante "Atonement" ou o genial "There Will Be Blood". "Juno", se for pra rever, soh no dvd mesmo. E como eu disse, eu gostei do filme, que como comedia cumpre o seu papel, soh nao achei essas maravilhas todas. Enfim, opinioes, e nada mais.

  16. >é por que … queria tanto uma Juno pa eu … ehehehmas reveja de novo, só por descargo de consciencia … e Sangue Negro (there will be blood) perdi de ver … o merda … ehehebeijos

  17. >I was a little annoyed, too, by Ellen Page's character. And Jennifer Garner irritates me a little bit. But I still liked the film, and loved the soundtrack.

  18. >I really haven't have any desire to see the movie, when the trailer go out I thought that it would be OK, but then was premiered here in México two months ago and I didn't get to see it, after your review and others that I heard I think that was the best decision made, Even Thought that I love Ellen Page (no pedophilia drems added here).The reason of comparing Juno with Little Miss Sunshine is for the money that the movies recollect in the US, because there weren't considering to be a major Blockbuster and at the end they wold (the two movies recollect almost four times their actual cost so they were surprises for the critics, for the studio, for their creators and for the audience) but Little Miss Sunshine is a great movie and this one not so good, I would see it when they released in DVD in June or July (The release of "Juno" in June is the "Creative" idea of someone in the Fox Searchlight Mexico so you know)Well Se you around.

  19. >Quiero ver esa peli, la actriz me encanta,..lindo blog 🙂

  20. >A.R, yes, they must have compared in these terms, indeed! But you should give it a chance, maybe you'll like it more than I did.Saltar o quedar, gracias!

  21. >it didn't really appeal to me, I didn't quite finish watching it! lol

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