>Academy Awards 2008


I know how Oscar comments are ridiculously late at this point, but…whatever. It’s funny how an Oscar has the power to disconcern those who win one, just look at Diablo Cody speech. Such an intelligent and articulated lady, even ironic if the situation conveys, and why not, a rebel. “Mom and dad, thank you for accepting me the way I am”? (as far as I can remember that’s what she last said). What’s so special about her that her parents could have a hard time accepting her..? Nevertheless, Juno’s writer rocked the red carpet with personality, I just can’t understand those who say she was badly dressed, she was just being herself. I particularly liked her better than the boreness of red and black that put me to sleep minutes before the ceremony started. I must have woken up half hour later, because I could see Amy Adams’ performance and the first acting winner live. Amy Adams sounds so effortless as Giselle, such a pity she had no costume, backup dancers and a “real” stage. And she could have sung not only one, but two of the nominated songs. Then I went to bed. The next day, no talks in the train, no talks in the classroom, no newspapers or TV news. I arrived at home around 3-4pm and watched the whole show which I had recorded, like if it had been broadcasted live. Every year the Oscar is more and more boring, and how useful it is having a remote to forward things. The best things were some of the winners themselves: I couldn’t be more happy with three awards to The Bourne Ultimatum (one of my fav movies in 2007), Tilda Swinton for best supporting actress (OK, Blanchett was my fav, but Tilda was also stunning in her role, and to see her with an Oscar in her hands just reminded me of how wrong I was in my award predictions months ago – luckily!), and of course, the best victory of the evening, Marion Cotillard.

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  1. >Yeah, I expected to hear something cooler from Diablo. Whatever, i did like her dress, as you said, she was just being herself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I wasn't too excited to see the oscar dresses either, they weren't as great as i expected them to be.♥

  2. >Assim, gostasse da Diablo ter ganhado? eu gostei … foi até melhor … foi tão sem graça e quando Persepolis perdeu … é que piorou ainda … mas fazer o que …precisamos de algo desconhecido para aflorar o sentido das novidades em nossas vidas.até

  3. >Romeika, eu fiquei impressionada com o discurso da Diablo Cody porque eu não imaginava o quão importante era para ela ganhar o Oscar. Ela estava tão emocionada que eu me surpreendi.Concordo que Amy Adams fez o melhor que pôde na performance sem cenários, efeitos ou qualquer outra coisa. Na realidade, a Amy foi corajosa naquele momento e foi singelo e autêntico.Gostei muito dos três momentos citados no seu texto no final, especialmente dos 3 prêmios dados à "O Ultimato Bourne". Quem diria que esse seria o segundo filme a conquistar mais Oscars em 2008?Beijos.

  4. >It scares you because nobody talked about the Oscars the next morning on your way to work?I can't say anything because I completely (or conveniently?) forgot they were on…

  5. >Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought Diablo Cody and Tilda Swinton were highlights of the evening (and Marion, of course). And I liked the leopard print- whatever anyone else says, it was brave of her to wear it AND to turn down those silly publicity stunt Stuart Weitzman shoes (so what if she went in flats? Good for her, I say- at least she won't have achy feet). Marion and Tilda were the perfect examples of how to wear black and white respectively, without making them boring.

  6. >I was also think that it was a pity that Amy Adams didn't sing with her Giselle Costume, it would be a great surprise (even though that it were very obvious that Enchanted didn't have a chance to win as best song), But Even that i don't like her dress she did the best speech of the night.I also like the inquisitive face of Cormac Mc Carthy (the author of No country for old man an one of my favorite writers)

  7. >Aisha, Nice you liked Diablo as well;-)João, ainda não vi "Juno", mas sempre fico satisfeita quando mulheres são reconhecidas na indústria cinematográfica em roteiro ou direção, duas coisas que quase sempre são dominadas pelos homens. Não vi "Persepolis", mas vibrei com "Ratatouille", o meu filme favorito em 2007.Kamila, realmente, o discurso de Diablo e os prêmios pra Bourne foram uma surpresa! E Amy Adams mais uma vez me fez sorrir..:-)Seraphine, no. The post's title refers to the youtube video I'm "hosting". Anyway, I should have written a little text about it, or made up a different title for this post, since it's two subjects in one single post..Blue Floppy Hat, Tilda, Diablo and Marion were the most memorable dresses of that evening. They were original and they looked great in their own style.A.R., you mean Tilda's speech? If so, I couldn't agree more. It would be great if more Oscar speeches sounded like hers.

  8. >Romeika, Amy Adams sempre nos faz sorrir. É incrível o carisma que ela tem. 🙂

  9. >That's right the Tilda speech Rock the house. And Cotillard was the mos beautiful of all the Oscar winers and assistantCheers

  10. >diablo cody is a former stripper, so she said thanks to her parents for accepting her the was she is.

  11. >Cottilard was the heart and soul of the party, the best. But I loved Diablo winning. Juno is great!Ciao!

  12. >Muito estranho mesmo o discurso da Diablo Cody. Na verdade eu nem a acho tão inteligente (seu roteiro de "Juno" é, mas não tanto ela), acho até um pouco chata – mas como vou sabe, nem a conheço, ora! Quanto ao Oscar, MUITO cansativo, mas do que de costume. Acho que foi a pior cerimônia em muito tempo, apesar dos ótimos prêmios – Swinton, Cotillard e "Once" como destaque.Abraço!

  13. >Kamila, é verdade!:-)A.R., Marion is just gorgeous!Starr, I knew all about it, but still.. what's the big deal of being a former stripper? :-SWally, I must see "Juno" soon!Vinícius, vi uma entrevista de Diablo no Late Show, a achei tão ágil em suas respostas, um sopro de frescura num meio por tantas vezes artificial.. A achei muito articulada e legal de ouvir.. Enfim, opiniões..:-) E o Oscar, cada ano mais chato. Dessa vez, eu tive o controle remoto pra adiantar hehehe Abs!

  14. >Tmabém adorei que a Tilda Swinton ganhou um oscar, ela estava ótima. Aliás, acho que ela sempre faz boas atuações. E a Marion Cotillard merecia muito o Oscar que ela ganhou!

  15. >Diablo is really a rags to riches story. and it's never too late for an oscar post;)

  16. >I've just remembered that when I was younger I expected the Oscars with more enthusiasm. I do believe they getting boring. However, it is a main event

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