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March 4, 2008

>Academy Awards 2008


I know how Oscar comments are ridiculously late at this point, but…whatever. It’s funny how an Oscar has the power to disconcern those who win one, just look at Diablo Cody speech. Such an intelligent and articulated lady, even ironic if the situation conveys, and why not, a rebel. “Mom and dad, thank you for accepting me the way I am”? (as far as I can remember that’s what she last said). What’s so special about her that her parents could have a hard time accepting her..? Nevertheless, Juno’s writer rocked the red carpet with personality, I just can’t understand those who say she was badly dressed, she was just being herself. I particularly liked her better than the boreness of red and black that put me to sleep minutes before the ceremony started. I must have woken up half hour later, because I could see Amy Adams’ performance and the first acting winner live. Amy Adams sounds so effortless as Giselle, such a pity she had no costume, backup dancers and a “real” stage. And she could have sung not only one, but two of the nominated songs. Then I went to bed. The next day, no talks in the train, no talks in the classroom, no newspapers or TV news. I arrived at home around 3-4pm and watched the whole show which I had recorded, like if it had been broadcasted live. Every year the Oscar is more and more boring, and how useful it is having a remote to forward things. The best things were some of the winners themselves: I couldn’t be more happy with three awards to The Bourne Ultimatum (one of my fav movies in 2007), Tilda Swinton for best supporting actress (OK, Blanchett was my fav, but Tilda was also stunning in her role, and to see her with an Oscar in her hands just reminded me of how wrong I was in my award predictions months ago – luckily!), and of course, the best victory of the evening, Marion Cotillard.