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February 23, 2008

>Bizarre, weird or awkward movie scenes in 2007*


Executive Koala (2006)Absolutely everything from the opening scene to the end

A successful business man in a pickle company, Keiichi Tamura is also a koala, but that doesn’t seem out of place to his co-workers. Well, considering the fact the company’s president is a rabbit and the local shopkeeper is a frog, it starts making sense why everyone acts so normal around Tamura. When Tamura’s (human) girlfriend is found murdered, police will think he’s the prime suspect. But the poor sweet koala seems such a nice fellow, he couldn’t have commited such an awful crime! This absurd plot directed by japanese Minoru Kawasaki was one my best laughs in the movies last year.

Inland Empire (2006) – The crazy dance

Any Lynch film is what some would call peculiar, even before seeing it. At this point, most of you must know I had a hell of a hard time to figure out what the heck was going on from its very beggining, but hey, this is a Lynch film! Then, the movie was over and instead of credits being rolled, a crazy dance took place. It almost looked tribal. And…why? I believe to this question there’s no explanation at all. It was just because. Watch the trailer here.

300 (2007) – Leonidas eating an apple right after the battle

I don’t quite remember if it was right after the first battle against the persians or later in the movie, I just couldn’t forget how bizarrely funny it looked when he did that. The effect is immediately felt by the audience, as from the last battle frame to Leonidas’ snack, the editing was very fast. This is Sparta, people! Watch the trailer here.

I’m Not There (2007)A few Cate Blanchett scenes and almost everything Richard Gere is in

Todd Haynes’ film is hard to catch if you don’t have plenty of knowledge about Bob Dylan’s life and career. I really would like to know what does the giraffe in the Billy the Kid (Richard Gere) segment mean when it appears out of nowhere, so awkwardly. I also would like to meet someone who could reflect well about Jude Quinn (Cate Blanchett) hanged by his leg in the open sky like a balloon. I believe all of these scenes aren’t there without a purpose, unfortunately I’m not sure what many of them symbolizes.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) – Nicole Kidman shaving Robert Downey Jr.

As I’m Not There, this is not a cliche biopic, it’s more like a fiction piece inspired in the life and work of photographer Diane Arbus. I don’t know her work so deeply, but from the few photographs I could see and from this film, I could say Arbus had an attraction to the bizarre and to the marginal, focusing on the hidden beauty and goodness these possess. Maybe the relationship she develops with Downey Jr. character, a man who suffers from a rare disease that causes excessive body and facial hair, is a symbol of the love and understanding Arbus felt for her main photographing sources. I know, it all sounds so nice and oh, how good it feels to watch a comprehensible and actually interesting film, however, the shaving scene is still weird:-) Watch the trailer here.

Knocked Up (2007)Alison and Ben second sex scene

Ok, the first sex scene was understandable, after all, the woman was drunk, folks. But the second one couldn’t be more awkward. I suppose the pregnancy hormones can make a woman lose her mind. Well, at least in Katherine Heigl’s case, it sure did.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006) – The very end

A single scene in the end of a movie can ruin the entire good cinematic work from its beggining until that very last moment? Perfume could have been a great film, if it wasn’t for its “poetic” last minutes that completely destroyed the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the young man who collected the scent of his victims in the search for the finest fragrance ever made. Adapted from a novel, Perfume was extremely strict in its adaptation, which just proves that what works in Literature doesn’t always go well in the cinema. Watch the trailer here.

*Bizarre doesn’t mean bad. In some films, certain bizarre moments were actually nice for the film, like adding humour to it, for example.