>Some of my fav movie scenes in 2007


I know it’s a little too late to start posting a sort of 2007 top list, but since this is not actually a traditional Top 10 list (there’s not even 10 movies mentioned here!), and since it’s Oscar weekend soon, talking about memorable flicks I watched during the past year is not quite such an aged topic. I know some of the films here might have been released earlier than 2007, but well, I’m considering everything I could watch in the theater or on dvd last year (Sofia’s films was the only one listed that unfortunately I couldn’t see in the dark room…) So here it is, in no preference order:

Marie Antoinette (2006)The “I Want Candy scene”

Sofia’s third film is not only as good as her previous ones, but it was one of the best films made in the year of its release. Loved by some, but hated by others, Marie Antoinette could be seriously understood as “the work of a mature filmmaker who has identified and developed a new cinematic vocabulary to describe a new breed of post-postpostfeminist woman”, in the words of a film critic. Nevertheless, this is a film made for girls, that enchants their eyes and understands their inner emotions.

Exiled (2007) – The opening shooting scene

Perhaps only nerds like me loved this film, the greatest surprise I had during a film festival last year. I’m not a big fan of traditional westerns, but I tend to love films that get inspired by this classic Hollywood genre while building it up in a new context. Johnny To’s camera created a beautiful and eye-pleasuring ballet of guns in slow motion. The frame which the shooters are seen from a top angle is a picture to remember. Watch the trailer here.

Death Proof (2007) The second segment’s end

Yes, it was a homage to Grindhouse pictures, but Tarantino is not Rodriguez, and Thank God for that! It’s hard to comment on this particular scene I have in mind without spoiling it to the ones who haven’t seen it, so I shouldn’t say much. Just one advice: don’t take it too seriously and have fun. I laughed a lot.

Eastern Promises (2007)The sauna fight scene

Too bad I didn’t find a picture of it, though the photo up there is another memorable scene from David Cronenberg’s movie. I’ve already said it, but I’ll repeat it: “He (Cronenberg) makes us wonder about the main character’s identity by one single fight scene where a naked Viggo Mortensen brutally manages to defend himself from two men in a bathhouse. Cronenberg tells us stories through blood, and no guns are needed. This is non gratuitous violence in its best shape.”

Ratatouille (2007)The flashback scene

It must be a few people out there who disliked this film, and seriously, not even Freud could explain why. Deep inside, Ratatouille is nothing but that same story already told hundreds of times before, about crossing beyond all borders and prejudices and truly following your heart to achieve your dreams. And yes, it’s told through the point of view of a little mouse who wanted to become a chef in an important parisian restaurant. That’s cinema. This is another scene hard to describe while not spoiling it, but I’m sure many who saw it would agree this is “the scene”.

Michael Clayton (2007) – The “No, the truth cannot be adjusted” scene

I liked Michael Clayton, although I think it was a little overestimated in the current awards season. I found the plot interesting and its editing is really relevant to the story, as that seemed a little confused, and without a good editing, it could have been ruined. This is the scene I truly liked Clooney’s acting. Watch the trailer here.

Enchanted (2007)The scene Pip, the chipmunk, pantomimes to the dumb prince

Pip: HELLhmmOhh… (…) *impersonating Giselle* (…) Ean Appooh? (…) No, thank you. (…) It’s goooh. (…) Hmmmf. Ommk.

The prince: You feel you’d die without me here!
Priceless ^^

Tomorrow, I’ll post some of the most bizarre movie moments.

9 Comments to “>Some of my fav movie scenes in 2007”

  1. >Romeika, nunca é tarde para se publicar a lista de melhores de 2007, ainda mais em se tratando do fato de que estamos nas vésperas do Oscar.Das cenas citadas, só conheço quatro: a de "Maria Antonieta", a de "Ratatouille", a de "Conduta de Risco" e "Encantada".Acho que a minha favorita seria o flahsback de "Ratatouille". Sensacional! E a fala do Anton Ego é linda.Você selecionou a melhor parte de "Conduta de Risco", na minha opinião.E minha cena favorita de "Encantada" é Giselle cantando "That's How You Know" no Central Park. Pena que não veremos Amy Adams repetindo isso no domingo, no Oscar, já que ela só irá cantar "Happy Working Song".Beijos e bom final de semana!

  2. >Adoro todas as cenas dessa lista qye já vi, sua lista está ótima! Minha preferida é a de "Ratatouille", que para mim ficou para a história – na (talvez) melhor animação de todos os tempos. Esse momento de "Michael Clayton" é sensacional, fico arrepiado só de lembrar (Oscar para a Tilda Swinton!). E a cena de "Encantada", que revi aqui no seu blog há um tempo atrás, é muito engraçada!Abraço.

  3. >haven't seen all of these, but loved enchanted and particulalry that scene 🙂 and of course adore marie antoinette, it really grows on you. such a beautiful film and so innovative with the music, sofia is genius :)btw, saw your post below and i must comment on it! i love how you notice the girls who keep popping up on streetstyle blogs all of the time, good eye! i definitely know what you mean when you say it would be very intimidating to just walk up to some fashionista and ask for a photo- not all of those photographers are the sartorialist- they don't all have instant credibility, so it does take enormous nerve to stop style in the middle of the street. i admire them for it, they give me fab inspiration! i love converse, esp. the pink ones! i dunno if you can be too old for them, it really just depends on how you wear them. i'd say it's pushing it when like 30 year old men are still trying to be all cute/indie with them…eww

  4. >Mto bom! Adorei também as cenas que vc citou de Ratatouille, Maria Antonieta e Encantada.Bjs!

  5. >Cool! Loved your picks. I havent seen Enchated or Exiled though and will see Eastern Promises very soon. I loved the Ratatouille, Death Proof, Michael Clayton and Marie Antoinette scenes. Really sensational, thrilling, satisfying and delicious, respectfullyCiao!

  6. >Kamila, essa não é bem a lista dos meus filmes favoritos do ano, e sim, as cenas que mais ficaram na memória, ainda que todos esses tb estejam entre os filmes que mais gostei, sim.Deveria ter feito mais justiça a "Encantada" nesse post, afinal, essa cena do Pip é só uma das várias cenas ótimas do filme. Tb adoro a cena do Central Park, adoro a cena em que ela chega a NY pela primeira vez, adoro a "Happy Working Song" (o pombo comendo a barata ao fim kkkkkkkkkkkkkk), enfim, amo o filme, e muito se deve a atuação da Amy Adams.Que pena que ela só vai cantar uma música, espero que não seja no meio da premiação, que aqui começa bem tarde e eu tenho aula segunda de manhã:-S John tb adora o filme e a atriz, ele tb quer muito ver a performance dela no Oscar. Vamos tentar madrugar;-) Beijo e bom fds tb!Vinícius, sei o quanto vc gostou de "Michael Clayton", realmente esse momento é foda! (desculpe o termo hehe) Tb gosto muito dos ensaios da personagem da Tilda antes da entrevista, e ah, "Ratatouille" foi o filme do ano (dos que eu vi), merecia muito mais nas premiações. Abs!Jayne, Sofia is indeed brilliant, I'm looking forward for her next film, I wonder if she will always follow the same theme she has done previously or if she'll surprise us with something else.I saw an interview with Yvan, the Facehunter, in his own blog, and he said sometimes people refuse to be photographed. As for the converse, perhaps it's more up to one's personality when it comes to pulling it off in an older age:-) Someday, I'll prolly stop wearing them heheFlávia, obrigada;-) e beijos tb!Wally, I think you'll like "Eastern Promises" ^^

  7. >Romeika, eu fiquei tão frustrada porque a Amy só vai cantar uma música no Oscar. Eu queria que ela cantasse as duas, ou de preferência "That's How You Know" (que é meio que o signature number da Giselle). Mas, eu acho que a Kristen Chenoweth fará justiça à canção amanhã.

  8. >Vixe, nem conheço essa Kristen.. Mas realmente, a Amy Adams deveria cantar as duas. Lembro da enxurrada de Beyonce em outros anos (ninguem merece!), pq não dose dupla de Amy?

  9. >Marie Antoinette is such a beautiful movie!

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