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January 18, 2008

>Current Fav Movie Soundtracks – The non original ones are usually the best


Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino… Besides being talented directors who always print their personal styles in a piece of film, they also have in common the fact their films’ soundtracks are not originally composed, but randomly selected from songs written before, and the final material is always first class. I’m not really into music itself, I don’t read specialized music magazines and I don’t go to music stores to buy a specific album I have in mind. Besides a very few musicians or bands, most of the music I know I first listened to in a film. And right now I’m addicted to the entire Joy Division discography, as I left the theater hypnotized by Ian Curtis’ peculiar voice after watching Control. Certain singers’ biopics are always a good way to know good music. Apart from that, I’m also loving The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack, especially the opening and the ending songs by The Kinks, Play With Fire by The Rolling Stones and Hotel Chevalier‘s theme song. And ever since I saw Across the Universe trailer, I knew there would be very few chances for me to dislike it, as The Beatles soundtrack is my number one reason to go for it, though it’s not exactly the four Liverpool boys we’re going to listen to while seeing this musical. Well, if I’m not happy with it, there’s always The Beatles themselves to listen to in the end.