>When magic takes place in the real world


Enchanted (2007) – The first time I heard of this film I thought it would be nothing but a very silly and predictable story. Its end is indeed expected and some scenes are slightly corny, but these small “flaws” can’t ruin it in any terms, on the contrary, it only helps to keep the smile on the face of each person in the audience. The songs are not as memorable as Disney’s most classic songs, but that’s not a problem either, as the lead character, Giselle, is played by Amy Adams in one of the most outstanding female performances of the year. The geniosity of the actress lies in the fact she was able to take the best out of a typical Disney princess, a character who could be easily turned into a cheap parody in the hands of the wrong performer. But as Adams said herself once:

“I think that I’ve always been attracted to characters who are positive and come from a very innocent place. I think there’s a lot of room for discovery in these characters and that’s something I always have fun playing.”

Playing a sort of character so brilliantly isn’t for many. People usually say that “difficult” and dramatic characters are the most challenging roles, and therefore, those that should be awarded when the actors do good. It isn’t every day that comic roles are awarded or even remembered, even though making people laugh, especially in Amy’s situation in this film, is harder than making them weep. At this point everyone must know what the film is about, but here I go… In an animated and typical Disney world called Andalasia, princess-to-be Giselle waits for a prince who will sing to her and share their true love’s kiss. Her wishes come true (in a particular corny-on-purpose and therefore, funny scene), and they’re already settled to marry eachother by the next day. The prince’s stepmom (the always worth-watching Susan Sarandon) is the evil queen who will spoil the singing couple’s happy end, sending Giselle to a world where there’s no happily-ever-after, in order to keep prince Edward single and thus remain queen of Andalasia.

By this moment the film has changed from classic animation to the live-action in our contemporary days, more specifically, in NY York City (could you imagine a better place to tell such a story?) and Amy Adams’ consternated facial expression in the right moment Giselle faces the big city in the middle of Times Square is a sort of early and very welcomed climax scene in the story. Giselle will feel finally safe after meeting the realistic, divorced, single parent and lawer Robert (Patrick Dempsey), who despite thinking she’s nothing but a disturbed young woman, will take her into his apartment where she spends the night. That’s where she will sing a happy working song, while cleaning up Robert’s dirty and messy apartment with the help of the big city’s “cute” little animals. Like the movie trailer says, there was never anything like this among all Disney films ever made. After a year of many disappointing and supposed-to-be entertaining films (Shrek 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, SpiderMan 3, etc etc..), the recycled Enchanted’s fairy tale confirms itself as one of the best entertainment movies of 2007.

I’ve received a Thinking Blogger Award from Aisha, who writes the blog Coloured Bleu. Copying and pasting: If you get tagged you have to write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think and then you have to put a link to THIS post so people can find out where it all started. Finally, just in case you want (optional), you can display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote in one of your sidebars. I pass down the award in no specific order to Denise from Síndrome de Estocolmo (who persuaded me to stop buying L’oreal and Nestle products, except for condensed milk, as there’s no other kind here… and who shares all her thoughts and impressions while travelling abroad – the China posts were so great), Margie from Margie’s Hideout (for writing constantly about political and cultural issues in a fun way), Morsi from Get Out of Babylon (this is a new blog I just knew very recently, but the post he wrote after someone left a message on his blog saying he stole the poem he wrote himself was pretty interesting), Cherry Blossom Girl (whose pictures are just enchanting and really tell a story through images – just check her Lost in Translation inspired pics in her recent trip to Japan) and Plain Jayne (for writing about Fashion while mixing it with different subjects, like Cinema and her own personal thoughts). I wonder what this award really means, but thanks a lot anyway, Aisha! ^^


A little more of Enchanted: This is one of my favourite scenes in the movie, and one of the funniest scenes of the year. Pip, the chipmunk, unable to talk in the real world, uses pantomime in order to tell the truth about Nathaniel (Timothy Spall, very good) to the not very bright Prince Edward (James Marsden, also good). This is a great example of how visual effects can be used quite positively to improve storytelling, unlike what happened in some other film also released this year. Before seeing Enchanted, the whiskey drunker polar bear from The Golden Compass was my favourite computer generated character of the year, but now it’s definitely Pip. *WARNING* This scene might contain SPOILERS.

17 Comments to “>When magic takes place in the real world”

  1. >hehe enchanted was quite good, it takes a lot to actually pull off fluff films, props to the entire cast! my fav scene is the central park song, how does she know, haha

  2. >I really want to see this movie, I'm such a disney fan!

  3. >I want to see Enchanted soooo much! Here's a belated Merry Christmas!

  4. >That is such a beautiful holidays movie!I loved it !

  5. >it seems that's a movie that really fits the holidays spirit, I wish I could see it.

  6. >Jayne, that central park musical scene was so good too ^^ Everyone is enchanted because of Giselle's voice, except for Robert, who is grumpy all the time, pretty funny. "I don't dance" (..) "And I really don't sing" *LoL* love it!Everyone out there who didn't see it, go for it ^^

  7. >Puxa, acredita que ainda não vi "Encantada"? Sabe como é, fim de ano (especialmente por causa das férias) não tenho muita vontade de sair de casa, nem mesmo para o cinema – tanto que nos últimos quinze dias só vi um filme: "A Bússola de Ouro", pois estava bem ansioso para vê-lo. Realmente um ano com várias decepções, apesar de gostar bastante do terceiro "Piratas".

  8. >I'm really pissed (excuse the french) the movie came to Brazil onde with dubbed copies. I really don't want to see it dubbed. I get a feeling of superficiality and a performance that could be great ends up being forced. I suppose I'm going to have to wait and see it on dvd. Pity…Ciao!

  9. >i watched Enchanted too and I agree it turned out better than I expected. Oh and HAPpy new year for 2008!

  10. >I know that I am a litte damage in the head, really I don't like the movie, I went with my girlfriend an in the cinema all were very boring, even the children, but It has very good things in it but as a general I don't like it entirely, Disney if not pulling up (also, a day before I saw Enchanted I saw a Marathon of five movies of Hayao Miyazaki so I were a little fast forward) Another thing, I agree that Amy Adams is excelent in the film (and very beautifull too), and I do agree with your coment that the Bear of the Golden Compass is the best Computer Animated animal of the year.Saludos desde México

  11. >Hi Romeika,Yes, I am in Denmark and thanks for awarding me the thinking blogger 🙂 My head already hurts :)I wish you a good new year and keep up the interesting blog.peacemorsi

  12. >Vinícius, do terceiro piratas só ficou comigo a sempre divertida interpretação do Johnny Depp, adoro Jack Sparrow heheWally, I'd feel the same way, as I hate dubbed films. Nicole, thanks for the visit!A.R. Shoup, maybe you were just a little grumpy when you went to see it hehe But at least you liked Amy's performance, I hope she will get an Oscar nomination for it (and yeah, she's indeed beautiful). About the polar pear in TGC, I said it was one of my fav CG characters of the year, but my number 1 is Pip from "Enchanted":-) Morsi, you're welcome! And tak i lige måde! 😉

  13. >O que eu mais gostei na Giselle de Amy Adams é que ela é uma típica Princesa Disney (sonhadora, ingênua e romântica), mas completamente real. A gente se identifica com ela.Além disso, acho que a maior sacada do filme foi confrontar esses valores de Giselle com o mundo real.E seria tão bom se a gente tivesse mais magia no nosso mundo real. 🙂

  14. >Kamila, concordo, ela é tudo isso e ao mesmo tempo acreditamos que aquela pessoa existe, e acho que muito disso se deve a excelente atuação da atriz. Torço muito pra que ela consiga uma indicação ao Oscar. Ah, adoro a magia no filme!:-)

  15. >Somos duas, Romeika. Torcendo bastante para que ela seja indicada ao Oscar! E isso é muito possível, mesmo com a não-indicação dela ao SAG.

  16. >Vi "Encantanda" e gostei bastante do filme, achei bem simpático, pena que não fique tão encantado (hehehe) assim… De qualquer forma, amei as canções e principalmente a atuação da Amy Adams – torço para que seja indicada ao Oscar! E amo o esquilo Pip!!! Essa cena é a mais engraçada do filme – o legal é de ele é 'dublado' pelo próprio diretor.

  17. >Vinícius, junte-se a nossa torcida, então! hehehe Amy Adams está maravilhosa no filme, e vc tb gostou do esquilo hehehe Eu morri de rir nessa cena, e sim, ele foi dublado pelo diretor, ficou muito boa a voz do personagem.-"An apple.."-"No, thank you!"-"It's gooood."-"ok!"kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkEu já vi e revi essa cena umas mil vezes no youtube:-)

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