>Lazy Thursday Evening Post


I can’t really believe the news these days… It’s been a while I have followed as less of daily news as possible. But sometimes you can’t help it, the news come to you no matter what. Especially big tragic news. As it’s clear for everyone else at this point, school massacres are no longer a north american issue. It’s been happening all over the world now. No matter which were the cases, I just can’t really understand why. I guess I never will. Changing the subject drastically, has anyone gone to H&M this morning? I haven’t. I’m not quite sure if the collection designed by Cavalli has arrived here where i live. I’ve taken a look in some of the clothes on net and there was nothing so appealing. Maybe because the only animal print articles I’d like to possess someday would be leopard printed peep-toe pumps and a leopard printed winter coat. For the rest, no, thanks. I guess I’m alone in these matters. Just look at the photo above taken today in one of the swedish brand stores located in Amsterdam. So funny.

Is she happy or is she sad?

It’s been a while I don’t go to the movies. I’ve missed Stardust, I haven’t seen Evening and today it’s the last Rendition day in Randers theater after only a week. 9h15pm session, rainy cold autumn night. The film got some pretty bad reviews, though what critics say doesn’t really matter to me. Oh, I’m so lazy tonight. I’ve seen Melinda & Melinda a couple of days ago, and it was one of the best Woody Allen films I’ve seen in a while (Match Point is obviously included here). The story has a very creative and original plot. A couple of writers are sitting on a cafe while discussing about Melinda, a woman who suddenly arrived in a dinner party. Some of the writers will see a drama in her life story whereas some other person will see nothing but elements for a great comedy. The film narrates two different stories about the same character and the only aspect both stories have in common is the fact Melinda is trying to rebuild her emotional life after her divorce. Radha Mitchell, who plays Melinda, is amazing and I can’t believe she didn’t get award nominations by the time the film was released. The comic Melinda is much more colorful, and she makes an equally comic character, played by Will Ferrell (I like this guy more and more!), to fall in love with her. Many scenes played by Will are hilarious, especially an incident where he’s trying to hear from the apartment’s door what his beloved one and another man are saying in an intimacy moment. Will’s character is so deliciously neurotic that could have been played by Woody himself in his younger years. Tragic Melinda is almost always in a bad hair day. She’s an avid drinker and smoker, besides mixing it up with pills. The best in the films happens when Allen intertwines the tragic and the comedy, as it can’t be always tragedy or always laughing. There’s humour elements in the drama segment as there’s not only laughing in the comic one. And as in many Allen films, Manhattan has never looked so charming and sophisticated, always breathing culture and good taste.

Finishing this fast post, two lovely pictures of sweet Audrey Hepburn, both taken during 1950s. How gorgeous she looks.

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  1. >Heeey. You're so right about school violence, it's happening everywhere. I didn't get to see"El laberinto del fauno", i actually didn't get to see any movie at all. Teachers sent a lot of reading i have to finish for the next week. But i still have the dvd, so i guess I'll watch it on the weekend if my father wants to watch it want me =$ i don't like watching movies on my own. What I did see the other day at my communication class was "Citizen kane" from the 40's i think.Uh, and yes. Audrey looks beautiful on those picturesmwah ♥

  2. >hi, this is my first time viewing you blog and i totally love it 🙂 first off the name is genius, i love virginia woolfe! and from the posts i've seen so far you're an awesome writer with a lot of interesting ideas, would you like to trade links?im totally going to watch melinda and melinda now :)oh and the audrey umbrella pic is amazing

  3. >I'm not surprised that it was crazy at H&M with Cavalli's collection. Its not worth it!

  4. >and I love Audrey! She's so beautiful!

  5. >Welcome, Jayne! And thanks for the compliments… And sure we can trade links. ^^Everyone, Audrey is beautiful and we all love her, i guess there's no doubt on that. Anyone out there disagree?

  6. >Romeika,Vc está super certa, é realmente triste que coisas desse tipo acontecam…acho que alguns jovens não têm nada da cabeça.Muitos beijossss

  7. >Tem semanas que não aparece nada de bom nos cinemas, e ai de repente vem uma enxurrada, estou nesse dilema agora, 4 filmes e uma semana apenas…

  8. >Romeika, essa notícia do rapaz da Finlândia realmente foi impressionante. Terminar seu post com as fotos da Audrey, que exalava tudo que o ser humano tinha de bom, é muito poético e lindo. Adorei.Também gosto muito de "Melinda e Melinda", especialmente do lado trágico da história contada pelo Woody Allen. A Radha Mitchell está ótima no filme, assim como a Chloe Sevigny, pena que ela meio que desapareceu depois desse filme do Allen.E que pena que você perdeu "Evening" e "Rendition". Tomara que consiga assistir depois.Bom final de semana!

  9. >The news is really wild lately. The first veto against President Bush's wish passed yesterday. The president of Pakistan declared a state of emergency in a step to refuse to step-down. The stock market needs help. It's just a hectic week!

  10. >Fico pensando nas famílias das vítimas, você manda seu filho para a escola, sentido que ele estará seguro e uma coisa dessas acontece, é assustador! Deve ser difícil para a família dos que causaram isso também, ver que seu filho é capaz de fazer algo assim.Adorei as fotos da Audrey!

  11. Kira, vai saber o que se passa na mente de uma criatura dessas..Cassiano, o pior é quando o filme só fica uma semana em cartaz e numa sessão de 21h ou 22h. Afff…Kamila, não sei se vc leu o "manifesto" dele, eu vi num blog, loucura é pouco pra descrever. É loucura somada a estupidez. Quanto a M&M: Eu gostei mais do lado cômico da história, mas o filme todo é ótimo. E realmente a protagonista sumiu. Eu não perdi "Evening", ainda está em Aarhus (nunca estreou aqui em Randers), e "Rendition" tb está em Aarhus ainda, mas aqui só ficou uma semana… E contando com as estréias passadas mais as dessa semana, não chegou "O assassinato de Jesse James..", "Inland Empire" e "Lions for Lambs" aqui em Randers. E sim, tive que finalizar com algo belo como Audrey (sabia que vc ia adorar as fotos!:-) que é o contraponto de tudo de ruim do início do texto, inclusive, o contraponto a esse festival de mau gosto que é essa coleção brega (já esgotada) do Cavalli para a H&M… Audrey nunca seguiu modismos nenhum. Bom fds!Clothes Horse: The horror, the horror:-SThanks for the comments! Have a nice weekend, everyone ^^

  12. >I'm sorry to hear of the school shootings. I thought of you when I heard that. There is always bad news in the world. That's why Audrey Hepburn is so popular- we love the innocence and positive "I can do anything" attitude. I love her hair in those photographs too.

  13. >Romeika, MILAGRE, "Lions for Lambs" estreou em Natal. :-)Bom final de semana!

  14. >Hey =)I would say you coat's colour is "Guinda" (like a dark red)♥

  15. >i agree – nothing from the cavalli stuff interests me!love, love those pictures of audrey! i have an amazing book about her called the audrey hepburn treasures full of pictures that i have never seen before, i love it! shes a wonderful source for inspiration, and not only in fashion!

  16. >the things that go on during school and beyond school is tragic. having had taken a course on human development, teachers and parents need to pay a closer attention to the children, especially during the early childhood years. as they say, a child is like a white piece of paper and once paint is painted on it, you cannot get rid of it. and on a drastic change of note (lol, like you) – i love audrey hepburn. i've been wanting to watch 'funny face' but i can't find it anywhere!! *sobs*

  17. >I don't like the Cavalli at H&M stuff either..And yes, Audrey is beautiful..And I still want to see Manhatten with my own eyes, ones..cool blog!

  18. >Seraphine, how do you mean you thought of me? Ah, and you're right, Audrey is much more than beauty, grace and style.Kamila, aproveite!:-D Bom fds!Modern Marie, I agree!Cotton Candy, I wonder if this kid's behaviour is anyone's fault, sometimes it's not.

  19. >I never understand why people go crazy over the H&M and Kate Moss for Topshop collections, because if you have to stampeed to get them that should surely tell you everyone is going to be wearing the same thing as youand who wants that?

  20. >Audrey Hepburn has great facial expression! Haha nice ending for this post!

  21. >I thought of you because you are geographically in the same general Nordic area of Europe as the Jakula School shootings. I assumed it would be major headlines in Denmark too. Nothing more…

  22. >Coco, I don't get what's the big deal with Kate Moss Topshop and this H&M Cavalli either. Emma, thanks.Seraphine, I thought so, but i wanted to ask you why anyway.

  23. >i love watching the news, i think is important to be informed of all the things that are happening.oh i really liked the audrey pictures.. i'm gonna steal the one at the right and put it on my blog…see ya,molly*

  24. >É assustador mesmo quando coisas desse tipo acontece….fico pensando o que existe na cabeça de pessoas desmioladas como essas!?Nada…Nem nas escolas existe tolerância e sanidade…Sobre os filmes…Não vi Melinda e Melinda ainda, mas sempre fui fascinado pela proposta do filme! Woody Allen interecalando tragédia e maravilhas…enfim, um filme peculiar aparentemente!Quero muito ver!Beijo!Ah…tem mr. mestre Pedro Almodóvar no Eco Social!

  25. >deary me, those h and m scuffles are crazy!Hmm, I wasn't sure what to think after seeing Melinda and Melinda..still haven't processed it a couple of years on.I urge you though, to watch take the money and run by woody allen. one fo the funniest films I've ever seen!

  26. >Melinda e Melinda é sensacional, ams tenho a sensação que ele não teve o devido reconhecimento de "virada' na filmografia de Allen – somente POnto Final acabou se tornando o divisor de aguas (mais um) na carreira do diretor. POr isso, acho que essa virada aconteceu já com Melinda e Melinda, onde visivelmente o diretor parece não extrapolar o seu lado egocêntrico e se mostrando muito mais contido e delieneando melhor os personagens não os tornando apenas extensão dele próprio.

  27. Felipe, nunca ouvi ninguém falando nesse filme como uma virada na carreira do diretor, mas vc até que tem um bom argumento pra afirmar isso. Ainda assim, na minha visão pessoal, eu vejo a grande virada mesmo com "Match Point", que contrasta drasticamente com os filmes anteriores do Allen.

  28. >The Cavalli catfights look hilarious-we all know most of the stuff ends up on ebay.

  29. >Wow, Audrey looks amazing in that umbrella shot. Beautiful. Lovin the blog!

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