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October 31, 2007

>2000s favourite thrilling scenes – Part 3


El Laberinto del Fauno (2006)

Ofelia walks along the corridor and her eyes meet the place where she’s supposed to accomplish a simple task. Despite the horrid creature sitting on the edge of the table, the little girl can’t help herself of not looking at that endless orgy of grapes, sweets and cakes… The monster is the last thing she will notice and despite all the evil and obvious signs of past death she doesn’t seem frightened at all. Perhaps, because the worst monster of all lives in the real world. Mission accomplished, it’s time to go back to her punishement room where soon the faun will be waiting for her. She has been warned. You must not try anything. But how tempting that banquet appears to her. Would it be this harmful if i tried just one grape?, she might be wondering. This is not an ordinary banquet, though it’s something only the fairies could truly know. One grape. Two grapes. Little fairies, get out of my way. The monster wakes up. And the door that connects her real world to her fantasy world has been locked. Will she escape? Is it worth it to escape? Is it any better in that dark room?