>Nothing like two great films and a good one


Ratatouille (2007) – Ever since Spirited Away, an animated film hasn’t surprised me for the best. This is not only a great animation, but a great movie as well. Remy is a little rat with a natural talent for cooking. Something unexpected happens and he sees himself in Paris: now the impossible dream of becoming a chef in an important parisian restaurant might become true. The plot may sound bizarre, but that’s cinema fantasy and in animation everything is possible these days. And besides, the story makes you think. Is it better to stay on the safe side, to accept what everyone else says you should be, even if that means to choose a mediocre way of life or to break the boundaries and follow your deepest dream? Brilliantly directed and with one of the most (if not the most) unforgettable scene of the current film year. After nearly 10 months, finally a movie overcomes Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette on the top of my 2007’s fav list. A movie which lead character is a rat. Who would say so? Watch some scenes and comments on them here.

Tropa de Elite (2007) – When it comes to art (and cinema seen as an art form here), artists should talk about what they understand, about their own surroundings, their own reality. The mirror, which is the film camera, should reflect the social and cultural reality of their home country. Of course, art goes beyond that, but i suppose it’s really hard to make a mistake by choosing this path. Take german cinema, for example. How they’re obsessed about their own political history in so many aspects, and how this theme resulted in so many great contemporary films. Sophie Scholl, GoodBye Lenin!, Nowhere in Africa, The Downfall and The Lives of Others, just to mention some of them. Based on this thought, i’d say the best brazilian films ever made were those which the filmmakers focused on what is the most controversial aspects of my country. Central Station had an universal appeal, but it used misery in its cruel form as a background. I suppose many of you have seen City of God by this time, so i’m gonna drop any further discussions on it. Some has said Elite Squad is the new City of God. But if Fernando Meirelles came back to the past in order to explain why Rio de Janeiro is facing a civil war these days, this new film uses today’s civil war as a background of endless violance, through the eyes of a working cop. Once again, there’s no easy answers. Is this ever going to have any answers at all?

Sicko (2007) – Oh, Michael Moore. In the future, we’ll be able to show your documentaries as an efficient summarizing of the Bush era. Or perhaps, not? By this point, many of us already know that not everything you show in your films are 100% true, but who cares. It’s true enough in its essence and i totally support you on your ideas! Sometimes i don’t know if you’re really defending a cause, trying to open the eyes of your fellow americans or you’re just fond of teasing everyone around you. Perhaps, all of these? I love your sarcasm and how you exaggerate many things to prove your point of view. Like, saying USA’s health care places 37th right above Slovenia while showing how great the hospitals in Cuba are. But guess what, i read somewhere that Fidel’s island was right under Slovenia. Nevermind, i still love your style. Only you to make me horrified by showing the lives of those who actually have a health insurance, but after endless diseases became bankrupted, and in between, you are still capable of making me laugh. Only you to get a boat and a group of 09/11 uninsured rescuers all the way to Guantanamo Bay, the only place in US where people (oh, you mean the prisioners?) have universal health care coverage. And what a Michael Moore moment: you holding a loud siren asking for them to receive your passengers and nevertheless, to cure them for free! Once again, that’s that chubby guy with a cap showing us the ugly side of his own country. How he loves to slap the so-called american dream on its face. In the meanwhile, Lucifer doesn’t give a damn…

20 Comments to “>Nothing like two great films and a good one”

  1. >Great comments about Elite Squad, it make sense. Italy cinema, who I always in love, reflects many of thouse political thoughts either. But I think that is art, the seven art!Art is very abstract.Michael Moore had me when he made "Tiros em Columbine". In the middle of the film, he changed everything because of yours resourch for that work.

  2. >I loved Ratatouille. It is my favorite animated film of all time.Regarding Sicko, it's not surprising American's have the highest health care costs in the world. When I went to the dentist, I had to make a *separate* appointment for a "consultation" so he could see my broken tooth before he actually fixed it two days later.

  3. >i think i have seen the Ratatouille advert more than any otherthey are really really promoting it

  4. >Romeika, adoro "Ratatouille". O melhor filme de 2007, até agora.E concordo com o que você disse sobre "Tropa de Elite". O cinema tem mesmo que refletir a sociedade de onde ele vem, ou, pelo menos, nos ajudar a compreendê-la. E, "Tropa de Elite" faz isso muito bem, pois é um filme atualíssimo ao momento vivido por nós, brasileiros. Só não acho que o filme supera "Cidade de Deus".Adorei seu texto sobre "Sicko". Acho que, tirando a manipulação excessiva feita pelo Michael Moore (que sabe muito bem o poder que uma imagem possui), sua intenção é boa e eu também apóio as idéias dele.

  5. >I love Ratatouille and my kids loved it too, it is so cute!I have to see "Tropa de Elite" must be amazing!Great post, like allways!

  6. >Adorei seus comentários sobre "Ratatouille"! Realmente é a melhor animação desde "Spirited Away", acho incrível a maneira como o diretor Brad Bird desperta sensações no espectador. E tem a melhor cena do ano, sem dúvida. Engraçado que "Maria Antonieta" é meu terceiro perferido nesse ano, hehehe – o do rato é o primeiro ;-)"Tropa de Elite" é mesmo um grande filme, apesar de considerar "Central do Brasil" e "Cidade de Deus" bem melhores. Espero rever em breve, já que por enquanto não está nem no meu top 10 do ano (na verdade estava em oitavo, mas foi ultrapassado por "Hairspray", "Bug", entre outros). Quanto à "Sicko", só estréia no Brasil em janeiro 😦

  7. >ratatouille is the funniest animated film i've ever watched and in my opinion, over the hedge didnt even come close=p haha!anyhow yr prev post was gorgeous!! looking at the orange, yellow and red palette. it made me wished that i wasn't frm the tropics. haha!anyhow thanks for d comment! haha! glad u love the post on portugal and YAY!! i spotted the quote!! haha!love.

  8. >Cassiano, infelizmente não conheço tanto assim do cinema italiano, mas lembro de alguns filmes que vc resenhou que parecem seguir esse esquema de reflexão. Seraphine, mine as well! And regarding USA's health system i can only image how expensive it can get…Coco, go see "Ratatouille"!Kamila, penso o mesmo sobre "Ratatouille", amei o filme! E tb prefiro "Cidade de Deus" a "Tropa de Elite". E sobre o MM é isso mesmo, é muito importante a atitude política dele, não são muitos que se atrevem a fazer o que ele faz, e eu tb o apóio nisso, apesar da maquiagem nos filmes dele.Carolina, thanks!Vinícius, Ratatouille é mesmo maravilhoso, só não vejo duas vezes no cinema pq o preço do ingresso não deixa rsrsrsrs… Qual é o seu segundo do ano? O meu terceiro é "Tropa de Elite", mais devido ao impacto do filme, eu penso. Talvez em uma revisita e numa análise mais lúcida eu mude de opinião, mas acho difícil… Como eu disse a Kamila, prefiro o filme do Meirelles e tb prefiro "Central do Brasil", um filme que me emociona. Ainda não vi "Hairspray" e "Bug", que ainda não estrearam aqui.Penelope, thanks! I'm from Brazil, so we don't have such an autumn either, i'm amazed by this season's beauty. And "Ratatouille" rocks ^^ -x-

  9. >Ameiiiiiiiiiiiii "Tropa de Elite", fiz questão de ver no cinema.Ratatouille é maravilhoso mesmo ahahahahahahahah…Bjssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  11. >omg i loved the movie sicko it got me so into politics and really into who i want to win the election next year

  12. >Sicko really opened up my eyes it was such an amazing documentary I didn't know things were so bad in the statesI cried when they had that mother who brought her daughter to the hospital and they told her that they wouldn't treat her and that she had to bring her somewhere else and her daughter died…soo sad.love ratatouille, such a great story!

  13. >Vinícius, 125 filmes!!! Só vi uns 60 rsrsrs… Enfim, três do seu top 10 tb estão entre os meus favoritos até o momento. E não vi uns 12 da lista inteira:-p Abs!Maveri, thanks for the visit. And in the spirit of "Sicko", one word: Hillary!Jennifer, i'm sure many people had the same reaction as you did. Some scenes were really heartbreaking, so terrible:-S

  14. >omgosh!! I know, how good is Ratatouille. And Remy's such a cute little rat!! And I love food…mmm….

  15. >and oh! re: congratulations on being accepted into masters in cognitive semiotics!! That's wonderful!! ^^ LOL -> but yes, don't procrastinate like me.

  16. >Cotton Candy: Thanks!=) And "Ratatouille" is such a delightful film.

  17. >I'm taking a class called Documentary Cultures this year and we're studying the techniques and examining the whole ethics/objectivy question, including within Michael Moore's work so I'm interested to see Sicko.And I want to see Ratatouille just for pure entertainment!

  18. >Meg: Oh, your class sounds really interesting, and i comprehend why Michael Moore's films should be discussed in such a class. Ratatouille is a great entertainment, but much more than that:-)

  19. >if you like spirited away, check out miyazaki hayao's other works!! he's such a genius. i loved spirited away too. and also totoro, and howl's moving castle.

  20. >Hi Gilda, thanks for the visit and thanks a lot for the movie tips. "Totoro" opened here this year, but unfortunately i couldn't go. And all dvds are subtitled in danish and other scandinavian languages:-S When i'm off to Brazil sometime, i'll look for his other films, he's indeed a creative genious.

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