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October 16, 2007

>2000s favourite thrilling scenes – Part 2


The Village (2004) “Don’t let them in!”

There’s something about this scene that it gives me goose bumps every time i watch this film. Of course it has something to do with Hilary Hahn’s violin, passionately and genuinely played by her, besides being brilliantly conducted by James Newton Howard in his greatest achievement. But it’s an ensemble of elements that makes the final piece so delightful and effectively emotional. The frightened, yet bold expression on Ivy’s face, who refuses to shut the door until the man she loves comes back to the house. The slam of the lover’s hands meeting eachother, the close-up on their intertwined fingers, beautifully shot in slow motion and once again, the soundtrack, makes of this film much more than a thriller. Is The Village a thriller after all? I’ve always seen it as a love story.